Spice and Wolf 2024 Remake has Been Awesome so far!

Article at a glance:

  • The Spice and Wolf 2024 remake preserves the charm of the original anime while adding new content, appealing to both new and returning viewers.
  • The series features a well-crafted fantasy world focused on trading and business, enhanced by complex dialogues and detailed economic systems.
  • Bringing back the original voice actors, especially Ami Koshimizu as Holo, significantly enhances the authenticity and appeal of the remake.

When a remake makes you fall in love with a series all over again, you know it is good. Spice and Wolf 2024 remake is exactly that. It does everything a remake should do, preserving the feeling of the old anime while adding bits of new content to make it feel fresh again. I feel like bringing back the original voice actors for Kraft and Holo helps a lot as well. Ami Koshimizu’s portrayal of Holo is iconic and it just wouldn’t feel the same without her.

Given the teaser at the very beginning of the first episode, I sure do hope that this remake goes beyond what the original anime did and covers the whole source material. But yeah, welcome back to another mid-season review and today we will be talking about Spice and Wolf 2024 Remake. So let’s get right into it.

What do I think of the Spice and Wolf 2024 Remake?

I don’t care if you have watched the original anime or not. You will still enjoy this anime. People new to the series will slowly fall in love with its world and characters just like we did all those years ago. Because the writing of this series is just that good. And those who have watched the original anime will still enjoy the remake not just because of nostalgia but because the remake has also added a bunch of new scenes. Some of them are small but there are also some substantial additions like the teaser at the beginning of episode 1.

That gets the remake part covered. The points I am about to make largely apply to the original as well. This show features one of the best-written fantasy worlds. It is not a very complex world like Mushoku Tensei. It is much closer to reality. But it is still very interesting because of all the information we are slowly fed. The anime is about traveling and business. So different towns have different rules, different countries have different currencies, and they even have fixed exchange rates. The trading aspect of the show is incredibly well-written.

Sometimes you may need to do a double-take to understand some of the more complex trading-related dialogs. But that goes on to show how much this series understands trading and business. Combine that with two amazing main characters in Holo and Kraft and their chemistry, and you have a winning formula right there. Both of them have different goals but are still traveling together and over time, they develop something special. Both of their voice actors haven’t lost a beat. Their banter is just as good, if not better than the original and I love it.

Now I am curious to see how many more “updates” we will get in terms of the story. Most of the modifications we have seen so far have been minor. So I wonder if they have bigger changes planned down the line or something.

That is all for now!

Either way, Spice and Wolf 2024 Remake is awesome. It reminds me of the original in the best possible way while still feeling fresh and that is just perfect for a remake. I adore it and it may end up taking a spot in my favorites from this season at this rate. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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