Spice and Wolf Remake Looks Promising

Key points for Spice and Wolf Remake First Impressions:

  • The remake of Spice and Wolf offers a fresh perspective with upgraded animation quality and a slightly altered storyline, setting it apart from the original while still retaining its essence.
  • Despite minor design changes, the return of original voice actors adds a sense of familiarity, making the remake feel like a warm reunion with beloved characters.
  • Episode 1 sets a promising tone, with a revamped narrative structure and hints of deeper mysteries to come, keeping both newcomers and fans of the original eager for what lies ahead in this extended 25-episode season.

I was kind of anxious about the Spice and Wolf Remake. Yes, I was excited to see it but the original anime is so iconic that I was nervous that it may not be as good or it may turn out to be bad. Now that I have watched episode 1 of the remake though, my worries are mostly relieved. I do have some minor complaints but in general, episode 1 of the remake was pretty good. It was very different from the original first episode but it still hit all the right notes.

So welcome back to another first impressions article! Today we are talking about Spice and Wolf Remake! I had been looking forward to this anime and I am glad that it has turned out to be pretty good. I am now way more excited about the future episodes than I was earlier. So let’s get started right away.

What do I think of Spice and Wolf Remake Episode 1?

First of all, man, I liked Holo’s original design better. The remake design is not bad but the original was just awesome. Kraft pretty much looks the same so no complaints there. Still, I am glad that the original voice actors are reprising their roles. Adds a sense of familiarity to the remake for those of us who watched the original. The animation quality does feel like an overall upgrade even though I still prefer Holo’s old design with those big ears. Seriously, why did the nerf her ears??

The structure of the first episode is pretty different from the original first episode. So I think it is pretty clear that this isn’t going to be a beat-for-beat remake. And that is perfectly fine with me. As long as they continue to present episodes like these, I am all for it. I like the fact that they didn’t show Holo’s wolf form in this episode, saving that reveal for future episodes is a good idea, in my opinion. I feel like Holo’s reasons for wanting to leave the village are clearer in the remake compared to the original and her transformation is also explained better.

The opening scene of the episode was also interesting with Holo telling her story to a kid. I do wonder who that kid might be. Certain hints were pointing towards his identity but I will not comment on it till we see more. If you have read the LN, you can probably imagine who that kid is already. Again, I won’t comment on it just yet.

That is all for now!

So yeah that is all I got for now. I just realized that Spice and Wolf Remake is scheduled for 25 episodes, so that means we will reach or maybe even cross the point the original anime reached in this season alone, which is nice. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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