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I’ll be honest, I have long lost my faith in Netflix-produced animes, but I can’t help but get curious when I see an adaptation like this one. Spriggan is a very old and good manga series and it deserves a good adaptation. Netflix has bungled up a lot of good animes so far, and I am pretty sure that is what’s gonna happen again. But, man I can’t help it; like Spriggan is really good and I am very interested in seeing it in animation.

So well, let’s talk about this upcoming anime adaptation today. I… I uh, am not sure what to expect but we’ll begin with an introduction as always. Feel free to ski[ ahead to the news section if you want.

Spriggan Anime Trailer Reveals Release Date on Netflix


Spriggan is a sci-fi action manga written by Takashige Hiroshi and illustrated by Minagawa Ryouji. It ran from 8th Feb 1989 to 25th Jan 1996 in the Shounen Sunday Super magazine. The manga is 11 volumes or 59 chapters long. It is a short and simple manga, it does show its age in some aspects but, I think the modern audience can appreciate it (given it is well presented).

In Spriggan, there was once this highly advanced ancient civilization. They left some of their important info as indestructible plates for later generations. Several powerful organizations in the current day fight over these artifacts. The protagonist, Ominae Yuu (or Spriggan) works for an organization called ARCAM, the ones trying to stop all this madness.

Spriggan Anime Unveils New Key Visual - Anime Corner

What do we know about Spriggan so far?

Netflix Japan revealed the first PV and some other information about Spriggan yesterday (27th May). The anime is going to be 6 episodes long and each episode will be 45-minutes, which is basically an equivalent of a 12-episode anime. It is supposed to come out on 18th June. The anime will be directed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, who has worked on some pretty good stuff in the past. And it will be animated by David Production who are famous for their work on JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.

Spriggan looks to have a pretty good staff and cast. The names that stand out to me personally are Ryouta Takeuchi and Takehito Koyasu. The opening and ending themes will be produced by Taisei Iwaki and are previewed in the PV.


Here comes the hard part… The staff is good, the source material is good, and the cast is good too but I can’t feel confident. If it was any other producer working on this, I’d be carefree at this point. But since it is Netflix, I can’t help but feel worried. They have botched projects that had everything going for them in the past too, so that doesn’t help. I really hope Spriggan does not end that way too.

Usually, when I am this skeptical about something, I want to be proven wrong. Come on Netflix, prove us wrong and make a good anime out of SPriggan. You dont even need to go far, just keep the production quality of the PV and we’ll be golden. That said, it is best not to have any high expectations of this show; keep your expectations to a minimum, and who knows, maybe we’ll be surprised.


That is all I have to say for now… I really dont want Netflix to destroy another good series. I’ll still give it a try though, maybe they’ll surprise us. Who knows? Well, let me know what you think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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