Spring 2022 – Full Guide

So Spring 2022 is right around the corner and it looks awesome. I don’t remember the last time when a season had this many anime I wanted to watch. Winter 2022 was carried hard by Attack on Titan, My Dress-up Darling, Demon Slayer, and even Eighty-Six in part. Spring 2022 however, doesn’t have a single big-name anime like that. It is instead divided into a lot of interesting sequels and a lot of interesting new anime.

So welcome to the full Spring 2022 Guide. We do one of these articles every season; the aim of the article is to provide you with release dates for all the anime in the upcoming season in a single place. I have talked about a few of these anime in detail so I will link up the articles related to them. With that said though, let’s start. We have quite a bit to cover.

April 1

  • Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road (Ok, wth is this anime?!)

April 2

  • Aharen-san wa Hakarenai
  • Ginjou no Fanfare
  • Jantama Pong
  • Love All Play
  • Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai 2nd Season
  • Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita. Heart (what is this once again?)
  • Shadowverse Flame
  • Yatogame-chan Kanatsu Nikki 4th Season

April 3

April 4

  • Healer Girl (The word ‘healer’ gives me PTSD)

April 5

Yuusha, Yamemasu - MyAnimeList.net

  • Paripi Koumei
  • Yuusha, Yamemasu (this seems fun, I actually want to check it out)

April 6

The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Download | Episode 1 - Allwish

  • Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story
  • Deaimon
  • Estab Life: Great Escape
  • RPG Fudousan
  • Shijou Saikyou no Daimaou, Murabito A ni Tensei suru (seem like one of those cliche yet fun anime)
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Season 2
  • Tomodachi Game

April 7

Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu. 2nd Season - MyAnimeList.net

  • Gaikotsu Kishi-sama, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakuchuu
  • Heroine Tarumono! Kiraware Heroine to Naisho no Oshigoto
  • Komi-san Season 2
  • Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei mo Iyasaretai

April 8

  • Date A Live IV
  • Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de
  • Machikado Mazoku: 2-choume
  • Mahoutsukai Reimeiki

April 9

SPY x FAMILY Anime Reveals New Visual and Announces Premiere Date - Your  Alternative Anime Store

April 10

Kingdom (season 4) - Wikipedia

  • Kawai dake ja Nai Shikimori-san
  • Kingdom 4th Season
  • Kono Healer, Mendokusai (PTSD once again)
  • Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

April 12

Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3 release date confirmed for Spring 2022 by  trailer

  • The ascendance of a Bookworm 3rd Season
  • Kyoukai Senki Part 2

April 13

  • Kaginado Season 2

April 15

  • Summertime Render

April 24

  • Kakkou no Iinazuke

May 17

  • Shin Ikkitousen

Currently Unknown

  • Onipan! (WHY???)


That is all for now. Let me know what you think in the comments. Spring 2022 is a loaded season and I can’t wait. Fortunately, I will be done with my tests this week so I will be pretty free in April to enjoy all these new upcoming anime. Do let me know which spring 2022 anime you are looking forward to the most. I have quite a few and you can probably see them in the article. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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