Spring 2024 Full Guide!

Key points for Spring 2024 Full Guide:

  • The article provides a convenient and well-organized guide to all the anime airing in the spring 2024 season, grouped by release dates, making it easy for readers to keep track of upcoming shows.
  • Notably, two highly anticipated anime, including “Demon Slayer,” are scheduled for release in May rather than April, sparking curiosity among viewers about the reasons behind this departure from the typical release pattern.

The spring 2024 season of anime will be starting the next week and the season looks to bring a lot of awesome anime to the table. I will certainly miss winter 2024, not only because of the new animes it brought but also because of the ongoing animes it had like Frieren and The Apothecary Diaries. Spring 2024 still looks to have a stacked roster of anime I look forward to. And well, take it from someone who keeps with weekly releases, it can get messy keeping track of release dates. So here I am with the Spring 2024 Full Guide!

So welcome back to another full guide article, this time we are talking about the spring 2024 season of anime. If you don’t know, this article will contain all the spring 2024 anime grouped according to their release dates for your convenience and to make keeping track of release dates easy. So let’s just get started.

1st April

  • Gods’ Game We Play
  • Train to the End of the World
  • Saint Seiya: Knights of Zodiac – Battle Sanctuary Part 2

2nd April

  • Spice and Wolf Remake
  • Re:Monster
  • The Banished Former Hero Lives as He Pleases
  • I was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince
  • Touken Ranbu Kai

4th April

  • Bartender
  • A Condition Called Love
  • Yuru Camp Season 3

5th April

  • Astro Note
  • Salad Bowl of Eccentrics
  • The Irregular at Magic High School Season 3
  • Archdemon’s Dilemma
  • Nijiyon Animation 2
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as Slime Season 3
  • Wind Breaker

6th April

  • Girls Band Cry
  • Highspeed Etoile
  • Karasu was Aruji wo Erabanai
  • Studio Apartment, Good Lighting, Angel Included (the hell is this name T_T)
  • Ooi! Tonbo
  • The Idolmaster Shiny Colors

7th April

  • Blue Archive
  • Hibike! Euphonium 3
  • Grandpa and Granma Turn Young Again
  • Go! Go! Loser Ranger!
  • The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 3
  • As a Reincarnated Aristocrat, I’ll use my Appraisal Skill to Rise in the World
  • The Fable
  • Tonari no Youkai-san
  • Vampire Dormitory
  • Jellyfish Can’t Swin in the Night
  • Mission: Yozakura Family

8th April

  • Chillin’ in Another World with Lvl 2 Super Cheat Powers
  • Mushoku Tensei II Part 2

9th April

  • Rinakai!
  • Tadaima, Okaeri
  • Unnamed Memory

10th April

  • Oblivion Battery
  • Dae A Live V
  • Mysterious Disappearances
  • KonoSuba Season 3
  • The Many Sides of Voice Actor Radio

11th April

  • Viral Hit

12th April

  • Misfit at the Demon Kind Academy Season 2 Part 2

13th April

  • Kaijuu no. 8
  • Black Butler: Public School-arc
  • Shadowverse Flame: Arc

14th April

  • Whisper Me a Love Song
  • The New Gate

18th April

  • The Grimm Variations

4th May

  • My Hero Academia Season 7

12th May

  • Demon Slayer: Hashira Training-arc

6th June

  • Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura

22nd June

  • Genshin Rising Impact

That is all for now!

So that was the full guide for the spring 2024 season. I hope that it helped you. Also usually, the “big” anime of the season comes out in the first month of the season. And yet in this season, two of the big anime are coming out in May instead of April. Demon Slayer in Particular is coming out halfway through May. I wonder if there is a reason for that. Well, let me know what animes you guys look forward to in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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