Spy x Family II Has Been Interesting

Key points for Spy x Family II review:

  • Spy x Family II surprises with a substantial plot, breaking away from the episodic storytelling seen in the first season.
  • Yor and Damien shine with significant growth, contributing to the overall strength of character interactions.
  • WIT Studio’s animation prowess is showcased, particularly in Yor’s action scenes, adding an unexpected layer to the comedy/SOL genre.

I don’t talk much about Spy x Family II on the website. But that doesn’t mean that I am not watching it. In fact, I’ll have you know, that it is one of my mother’s favorite animes. So I have to watch it to keep her company LOL. And you know, I will judge this anime for what it is. It is meant to be a family entertainer with a little bit of edge here and there so I will judge it as one. Won’t really be fair to compare it to other anime from this season LOL.

Either way, this is a good anime to do an early review for. So welcome back to yet another review article and next up on the review block is Spy x Family II or Season 2. Let’s get started.


There is surprisingly quite a bit of plot in this season. As of now, we have been on this 2-3 episode arc that focuses on Yor’s mission and how she is handling it along with her family matters. Yor has had quite a bit of screen time this season and I appreciate that. In the last few episodes, we should get another arc for Loid as well. So yeah, it has been quite a bit of plot for a series like this.

Aside from a few things here and there, this season has also somewhat broken away from the episodic nature of the first season. Again, that is a change I really appreciate. Nothing bad to say here, really. A surprisingly good amount of story content and the current arc, in particular, has been really entertaining.


We got some major growth for Yor and Damien this season. Damien got half an episode dedicated to him and his friends. And as I mentioned, Yor is getting a full arc of her own. After the first few episodes, Yor was kind of missing in the first season so I appreciate her getting this extra character development. Anya is Anya, the kid is just as cheeky and entertaining as ever. As always, the character interactions continue to be a strong forte of the series and I appreciate that the most.

Animations and Soundtracks

WIT nails the animations and art style again. Watching Yor’s fight from the recent episode, it is kind of hard to believe that it is from a comedy/SOL anime because of how well it was animated. This season also has a very entertaining and catchy opening theme, with a fittingly goofy animation to accompany it. Other than that, the BFMs are pretty decent overall. And of course, Anya’s expressions are back, more memeable than ever.

Summing up!

Here are my final scores for Spy x Family II:

  • Plot – 8/10
  • Characters – 9/10
  • Animations – 8/10
  • Soundtracks – 8/10
  • Enjoyment – 10/10
  • Overall – 8/5/10

As I mentioned, please don’t compare this to other reviews, since my fundamental metric of scoring an anime like Spy x Family is different. And if you want to watch an anime with your mum, this

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