Squad Zero Cooking!! Best Episodes of the Week!

Key points for Best Anime Episode of the Week – Fall 2023, Week 1

  • The first episode of Ragna Crimson exceeded expectations with intense storytelling and character development, especially with the unique twist on dragon lore.
  • The release of four episodes allowed a deeper understanding of Frieren’s journey, showcasing a simple adventure with a refreshing take on time, character growth, and the human experience.
  • In the aftermath of Gojo’s sealing, Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 10 sets the stage for a dark turn, introducing new players and highlighting the significant consequences of Gojo’s absence.
  • Episodes 12-13 of Bleach TYBW Part 2 stole the spotlight with anime-original Bankai, revamped fights, and a standout performance by Senjumaru, adding depth to the Squad Zero members and teasing future plot developments.

So this is technically the first week of the Fall Season but we don’t have a lot of new anime yet. But the two I did watch from the few that came out, Ragna Crimson and Frieren were amazing! Obviously, though, the Squad Zero Bankai is Bleach pretty much took over the whole week because of how unexpected and awesome it was. At least to me, it was.

This week, we are only talking about 4 animes but the episode count is pretty high because Frieren released 4 episodes, Bleach put out 2 episodes and Ragna Crimson started with a 48-minute episode as well. So despite including only 4 anime, we have a lot to talk about. And of course, a lot to unpack in the Jujutsu Kaisen episode as well.

Either way, lots to talk about from this week from the Squad Zero Bankai to Ragna Crimson’s badass introduction. It is the first week of the Fall 2023 season, and here are my favorite episodes from this week! So let’s get started.

Ragna Crimson Episode 1

Ok, so I knew that this anime would be good but I didn’t expect it to beΒ thisΒ good. As I said in my first impressions article, this has to be one of the most gripping introductions to an anime in recent memory. This episode was intense, the longer length definitely helped it as we got more exposure to the characters, making us feel more connected to them. It is frankly amazing just how much character development Ragna got in this one episode.

His future self was so obsessed with saving Leonica that he made a deal with someone to pass his power to his past self(present for us). The future Ragna spent 32 years doing nothing but hunting dragons and man, that whole scene of him explaining his abilities was so well done. Dragons are usually common fantasy monsters but Ragna Crimson put a unique spin on them too. Love to see it. Probably my 2nd favorite episode of the week after Squad Zero Bankai.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episodes 1-4

I have no idea why they released 4 episodes at once but I am glad that they did. Gives me more stuff to talk about. Again since we got so many episodes at once, we got a much better understanding of the characters and how the story is going to be moving forward. And just as I expected the serious and nostalgia-filled tone of this anime hits hard. The plot on the surface is pretty simple but it the execution that makes it special.

See when you boil it down, Frieren is just an adventure anime but when you look deeper it is so much more than that. It has been 80 years since Frieren’s initial journey with her friends and the anime does an amazing job of showcasing the passage of time. To Frieren, 80 years is not a lot since she is over a thousand years old. But even then she can feel just how long 80 years are to humans. And then she is desperately trying her best to understand humans and her former friends better throughout her journey. It is such a refreshing take on the fantasy adventure genre, I really do like it.

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 10

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 Episode 10 Release Date, Time & What to Expect

Special spoiler warning here. Please watch episode 9 before reading this.

This episode wasn’t as jaw-dropping as the previous one but it was still very gripping. This episode showed us the aftermath of Gojo getting sealed and how the sorcerors plan on dealing with it. Mechamaru set up a few contingency plans before his death and has been a big help so far. I am kind of sad that we didn’t get to see Mei Mei fight yet but I am sure we will see her fight in the next episode.

And yep, I don’t even need to say it but this is the episode where things really start going south for the sorcerers. Gojo getting sealed was only the beginning, this episode showcased the weight of his sealing really well as quite a few new players are added into the equation now. They were too afraid to move because of Gojo but now? They are free. That is why I like this episode so much. It showcased just how big of a deal Gojo’s sealing is and gives us a hint of future plot threads. I am so hyped for all the upcoming fights. This episode did a great job of setting everything up.

Bleach TYBW Part 2 Episodes 12-13

Definitely the show-stealers of the week. Episode 12 on its own would have been quite something but paired with episode 13? It just makes for a godly combination. Another anime original Bankai, completely revamped fights, Squad Zero getting some goddamn respect for their names, and a potential moment for Uryu to shine in the future? These episodes had damn near everything.

The new Bakai alone would have been enough to make these my favorite episode of the week but no, they weren’t the only good thing about them. The revamped fights and the new Auswalhen scene are incredible. Not just look-wise but they add a lot to the story as well. For example, the small addition of all the Souldats dying makes the Auswalhen feel more consistent and a big deal. But I can’t deny the fact that Senjumaru’s Bakai takes the prize here, it was so well-animated and it even foreshadowed future events and it was a complete surprise.

I am sure that Senjumaru is the new favorite character of a lot of people after these two episodes. She was the least fleshed-out zero-division member in the manga, she only looked cool. But in the anime, she managed to knock off pre-Auswalhen Uryu with ease and now has a full-blown Bankai to add to her repertoire.

That is all for now!

Even putting my fangirling for Bleach aside, this was an awesome week overall. Ragna Crimson and Frieren delivered, and Jujutsu Kaisen is building up for something big, good stuff. Let me know what your favorite episodes from this week were. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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