Squad Zero Ruled the Bleach TYBW Part 2 Finale!

Key points from Bleach TYBW Part 2 Finale review:

  • The anime significantly improved Squad Zero’s portrayal, giving more depth to their battles against the Schutzstaffel. Notably, Uryu and Haswalch’s roles were enhanced, and the Holy Forms added consistency to the Auswalhen event.
  • Senjumaru’s Bankai, with control over “threads” and “fabric,” stole the spotlight. The anime’s visualization of its impact on all three worlds added to Senjumaru’s badassery, making her a standout member of the Zero Division.
  • The anime altered the sequence of events, placing Ichibei vs. Yhwach alongside other fights rather than after them. While visually not as grand as Senjumaru’s Bankai, Ichibei’s ability to control names showcased his strength, contributing to a well-executed season finale.

I didn’t plan on writing another article on Bleach TYBW Part 2 because I’ve already discussed it a lot. But the Part 2 finale was even better than the Part 1 finale. Squad Zero knocked it out of the park.

If you only watch the anime, you might not know that Squad Zero was easily defeated by the Schutzstaffel after Yhwach used Auswalhen. Although Oetsu’s abilities were showcased, the other members didn’t get much screen time. Thankfully, the anime did a great job with the fight scene.

So yeah, let’s talk about basically all of the last 3 episodes of Bleach TYBW Part 2 and how the anime elevated Squad Zero to what it should have been. So let’s get started.

Squad Zero vs. The Schutzstaffel

So In the manga, only Pernida, Lille, Gerard, and Askin were cut down by Oetsu, Uryu, and Haswalch did pretty much nothing. In the anime though, we clearly see Haswalch and Uryu being defeated by Kirinji and Senjumaru respectively. And after Yhwach revives them, everyone has their Holy Forms active. That makes way more sense than whatever happened in the manga. The Auswalhen itself is given more consistency in the anime as the Souldats hit by it die immediately but the Sternritters are able to survive the light. There were no Souldats in the manga so the Auswalhen felt very inconsistent.

What happened after the Auswalhen though is the highlight of this cour for sure. See, the Squad Zero Banakais are so strong that they rattle all 3 worlds on activation. So they sealed them with a blood oath. Oetsu, Kirinji, and Hikifune sacrifice themselves to allow Senjumaru to use her Bankai. Her Bankai has absolute control over “threads” and “fabric”. So the fabric imagery they used to showcase its impact on all 3 worlds was so fitting, Senjumaru was always my favorite member of the zero division. And I am glad to see that the anime made her even more badass.

All this aside, another change I liked was Ichibei vs. Yhwach. In the anime, takes place alongside the other fights. Instead of being after them like the manga. Visually, it may not be as impressive as Senjumaru’s world-shattering Bankai. But don’t get it twisted, Ichibei’s ability is disgustingly strong as well. And he can use it more freely as it basically rules over the concept of names. His fight with Yhwach was pretty well done too.

Why did we end on a cliffhanger with a 4-minute comedy sequence at the end?

There are rumors saying that it is because of troubled production. I personally don’t believe that as there is no proof to indicate that. The more likely explanation in my opinion is that they simply didn’t have the time left in the episode to show the rest of the fight. If they skipped the opening, ending and the comedy segment, they would have about 7 minutes more. But that time simply isn’t enough to cover the 2nd half of the fight. So rather than half-baking it, they decided to pad it out with the Omake at the end.

That is all for Now

Amazing season finale regardless. Saying that the anime did justice to Squad Zero would be an understatement. Anyway, let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here.

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