Steins Gate, Anime Recommendation of the Week!

Key points for Anime Recommendation – Steins Gate:

  • Steins Gate’s complex yet well-researched exploration of time travel adds depth to the seemingly simple premise, creating a captivating narrative.
  • The anime opts for quality over quantity, ensuring each character plays a crucial role in Okabe’s journey, with significant growth and development throughout.
  • From the stellar opening themes to the transition of the visual novel’s art style, Steins Gate delivers on both audio and animation fronts, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

If you’ve been active in the anime community for even a little bit, you most probably have already heard about this anime. But, is Steins Gate really as good as people say it is? Well, in my opinion, yes. It deserves every single bit of praise it gets. Even putting the science nerd inside me aside, this anime is actually really good.

But why is that the case? What makes this anime so good? Well, I’ll try my best to explain that. So welcome back to another edition of our anime recommendation series. This week we are talking about Steins Gate! Let’s get started!


Steins Gate or Steins;Gate is based on a Visual Novel of the same by 5pb and Nitro+. It is set in the same universe as their previous work, Chaos;Head. The anime is made by White Fox Studios and it is a really good adaptation. They have quite a few OVAs/movies covering the branching stories of the VN very well. While the anime follows the “canon” route of the game. While all the spin-offs are optional, please don’t miss Steins;Gate 0. That is a whole another 23-episode adventure.


I cannot do justice to this anime’s complex part in this article but I will try. Okabe Rintaro discovers a way of sending text messages into the past through a series of complex events. This leads to another series of complex events where Okabe’s friends keep getting killed again and again for different reasons. Okabe has to navigate the complex web of timelines to find the “ideal” timeline in which he successfully manages to save everyone.

On the surface, the plot is pretty simple. But you’d be surprised by how well-researched the complexities of time travel are in this anime. Different timelines change a lot of things. Even small seemingly inconsequential details have big ramifications later on. It is frankly incredible. Also, there are 2 versions of episode 23 in the main anime. Episode 23 leads to episode 24 but episode 23b connects to Steins;Gate 0 instead. The creativity on display in this anime is frankly amazing.


Yes, all that amazing plot is also supported by some great characters. Okabe’s character growth throughout the series is really well done. This is particularly apparent in 0 but the main series also does a great job of developing his character. The anime goes for a quality-over-quantity approach for characters and it works. Every single character has an important role to play to help Okabe reach the “ideal” timeline. It is a small cast but every single character gets development and they are all memorable as hell.

Animations and Soundtracks

Both the main anime and 0 have amazing opening themes. Both of those openings are among my favorites of all time. The BGMs and stuff like that are fine. As for the animations, they are pretty good. The anime did a good job of transitioning the VN’s art style without taking away the vibe of the characters. And the voice work once again is really good.

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That is all for now!

Here is why you should watch this anime:

  • Amazing plot
  • Great characters
  • Lots of twists
  • HUGE rewatch value
  • You may learn something new about time travel

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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