Suicide Squad Anime Reveals More Details!!

Key points for Suicide Squad anime news:

  • I’m personally thrilled about the Suicide Squad anime, especially with the talented staff and cast, including director Eri Osada and voice actor Takehito Koyasu as Peacemaker.
  • The fact that it’s an isekai adds an intriguing layer to the Suicide Squad’s mission, and I’m genuinely curious to see how this unique concept will be executed.
  • Despite initial concerns about a potential cash grab, I’m optimistic that the anime has the potential to be memorable and entertaining if executed correctly. This leaves me excited and looking forward to its release.

I never thought I’d say Suicide Squad and anime in the same sentence. Then again, Cyberpunk did it recently and it was successful. So I shouldn’t be surprised. But yes, it is happening. Looks like DC also wants to capitalize on the ever-growing anime viewership and audience.

I don’t think that this anime will help the upcoming SS game though because, let’s be honest, that game looks pretty bad. A studio like Rocksteady should not be working on live-service titles like that. But let’s not get into that, let’s not let that game leave a sour taste in our mouths for what could be an entertaining anime.

So welcome back to another one of our news articles. Today we are talking about the Suicide Squad anime. We recently got quite a bit of new details on it so let’s talk about it all!

What do we know about the Suicide Squad Anime?

The official website of the anime revealed multiple visuals, a teaser trailer, the main cast and staff, and the opening theme for the anime. The anime is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2024 and it will be made by WIT Studio. Eri Osada, famous for JoJo Part 4 will be directing the anime at WIT Studio. The main cast features:

  • Harley Quinn: Anna Nagase
  • Joker: Yuuichirou Umehara
  • Deadshot: Reigo Yamaguchi
  • Peacemaker: Takehito Koyasu
  • Clayface: Jun Fukuyama
  • King Shark: Subaru Kimura

The cast and the staff alone are enough to make me excited about this, truth be told. Tomoyasu Hotei will be performing the opening theme “Another World” for this anime. Yes, I forgot to mention that this anime is an isekai. The Suicide Squad is sent on a mission in a typical isekai LOL. You can check out the new teaser here.

What do I think?

As I said earlier, looking at the staff and cast alone is enough to make a weeb like me excited. Also, I am so habitual of seeing John Cena as Peacemaker LOL, so it will be very interesting to see Takehito Koyasu’s take on this role. I am sure he will nail it. I was worried a little that this anime may just end up being a cash grab but thankfully, looking at the staff and cast helped alleviate that worry somewhat.

This whole idea has a lot of potential and if executed correctly, Suicide Squad Isekai will be a memorable and entertaining anime. I really hope that DC doesn’t blow this up because so far it looks to be pretty good. But well, only time will tell how good this ends up being.

That is all for now!

So yeah, that is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. As I said, I am very excited about this anime and I hope that it turns out to be good. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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