Summer 2024 Season is here! Best Episodes of the week!

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  • Roze of the Recapture Episode 3: Lelouch’s cameo adds depth and intrigue, enhancing plot progression and character development.
  • Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian Episode 1: Strong character dynamics and charming interactions elevate this unexpectedly delightful episode.
  • Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1: New character introductions and solid animations keep the momentum from Season 1 alive.
  • Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan Episode 1: Embrace the absurdity for a fun, nonsensical experience reminiscent of Nichijou.
  • Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 1: Visually striking scenes and excellent voice performances set the stage for an engaging new arc.

The Summer 2024 anime season is here and the first week has concluded. Thanks to this new season, we have a whole bunch of new anime to talk about thanks to this new season and I think this first week was quite fun. I actually enjoyed this week more than I was expecting because I still miss Spring 2024. That doesn’t change the fact that 2024 is great for anime in general though, look at the anime listings for the Fall season. It is insane how much stuff is packed into that one season.

But I digress. We are here to talk about the Summer 2024 anime season. Fall can wait for another article. And the season already started strong with the first major release being Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan. That was then followed up by Oshi no Ko Season 2 and Alya. And finally, we concluded the week with another high point, Tower of God Season 2. We’re off to a pretty good start already.

So welcome back to another Best Episodes of the Week article! This is the first week of the Summer 2024 season and here are my favorite episodes of the week!

Roze of the Recapture Episode 3

The first two episodes of the series were filled with action so this episode takes a bit of a break. But this episode was still amazing. Not only did it progress the plot significantly, but it also gave us the return of the king. Yes, this episode pretty much explicitly featured Lelcouch. This episode would’ve been a good one because of the plot progression and given the fact that we got to see a different side of Sakuya and Ash for change but Lelouch’s cameo added so much to this episode.

Lelouch’s appearance also opens up the possibility of explaining why Sakuya’s Geass is so different from others despite having a similar power to Lelouch. It is also heavily implied in this episode that the Einbern head has a Geass too. So the plot threads are open and it will be very interesting to see how the story progresses.

Alya Sometimes Hides Her Feelings in Russian Episode 1

I ended up liking this episode way more than I initially expected. I knew I’d like this anime but I was still pleasantly surprised by how good this episode was. The character interactions had a nice charm to them. Kuze and Alya’s dynamic is fun. And the anime actually bothered with giving Kuze a proper personality. The episode also set up a pretty obvious plot twist but the fallout after the plot twist is used will be quite something.

But yeah, quite a fun episode overall. The character interactions, the art style, and the voice performances are all highlights of the show so far. The animations are genuinely much better than they have any right to be. I look forward to seeing more of this.

Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1

I just talked about this episode in the previous article so I will keep this short. But just like I said in the article, I recommend rewatching Season 1 to re-familiarize yourself with the characters and the lore because Season 2 picks up right where Season 1 left off. Aside from that, Bam’s new look is cool. The introduction of the new characters in this episode was handled pretty well. We immediately have a grasp on their personalities and we know why should we care about them.

Aside from that the animations are quite solid once again. The fight scene near the end of the episode did an awesome job of showing off the animations and the art style. Even ToG Season 1 had some pretty good BGMs and Season 2 doesn’t disappoint in that aspect either. The opening theme is also quite a banger, I liked it a lot.

Shikanoko Nokonoko Koshitantan Episode 1

Man, I don’t even know what to say about this one. I am pretty sure the whole anime community knows about this anime at this point thanks to the catchy opening theme. And the episode itself was also wild. If you remember Nichijou from back in the day, this is quite similar to that. You have to respect the absurdity of this anime to enjoy it. Once you do that, you are in for a treat. It has just been a single episode but the interactions between Koshi and Nokotan were my favorite parts of the episode.

Nothing in this anime makes sense and if try to think about it, you will just end up hurting your brain so just don’t think about it and give in to the absurdity. And you will love it.

Oshi no Ko Season 2 Episode 1

You know the first thing that came to my mind when watching this episode was that they featured Ruby so much in the opening and ending theme animations but we won’t get to see Ruby much at all in the current arc. Regardless, I spend a whole paragraph gushing over how good Akane looked in my dedicated article for this episode so I won’t do that here. The episode overall though was great, it set up the upcoming arc quite well while introducing us to all the new characters we need to know about.

And of course, the highlight of the episode was the scene between Taiki and Kana. Not only were their voice performances fantastic during that scene. Doga Kobo found a very visually striking way to showcase the impact of Kana and Taiki’s performance to drive the point further. You cannot take your eyes off the screen during that whole sequence. I look forward to seeing what more this Tokyo Blade arc has to offer.

That is all for now!

This was a pretty strong first showing for the Summer 2024 anime season. I look forward to seeing more from this season now. Let me know what Summer 2024 anime you are excited about in the comments. Those were my favorite episodes of the week and I will take my leave here, I am very sleepy. See ya!

Also, check out my thoughts on Tower of God Season 2 here!

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