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Key points for Put This on Your Radar – Tasuketsu:

  • So, Tasuketsu is this intriguing semi-sci-fi + psychological manga that’s been running in Ganma magazine since September 2011. It revolves around a group of 5 people thrust into a mysterious game after everyone else in the world mysteriously disappears.
  • I’m pumped for the anime adaptation, set to drop this year! Tatsuo Satoru from Statelight Studio is directing it, and considering the studio’s impressive portfolio with hits like Fairy Tail and Hellsing Ultimate, my expectations are high.
  • Even though the manga isn’t widely known, I’m genuinely excited about Tasuketsu. The limited info hasn’t dampened my spirits, especially with Statelight Studio behind it. Their track record with quality productions has me reassured about what’s to come!

Another anime I decided to cover because it looked interesting. These semi-sci-fi + psychological mangas need a little more love, I feel like. Summertime Render, for example, did an awesome job of showcasing what this sub-genre can be like. And I’d love for something like Tasuketsu to carry this genre further. Full disclosure, I have not read the manga myself. But I am still going to cover the anime news because it looks to be pretty interesting,

So welcome back to another edition of Put This on Your Radar – the series where we talk about upcoming animes that caught our eye. And today we will be talking about Tasuketsu. I am not sure how the title will be localized in English, if at all, so I am going to stick with the Japanese version for this. Either way, let’s just get right into it. This announcement gave us a lot more details about the anime compared to the usual initial announcements.

What do we know about Tasuketsu anime?

The anime will be based on the manga of the same name by Taiga Miyakawa. The manga has been serialized in the Ganma magazine since September 2011 and is still ongoing. As for the anime, it is confirmed to be released sometime this year. The anime will be made by Statelight Stduio where it will be directed by Tatsuo Satoru. Tatsuo Satoru recently worked on Helck which was pretty cool.

As for the plot, the story follows a group of 5 people. The rest of the people in the world have mysteriously disappeared. The 5 remaining people are gathered by a self-proclaimed “Emperor” and forced to participate in a game. There is only one rule in the game, the majority dies. The cast features names like Yuuto Uemura, Anna Nagase, Daisuke Ono, and more. You can check out the announcement teaser here!

What do I think?

The plot has me interested. As I mentioned, I have not read the manga myself and there isn’t a lot of info available about it either. It doesn’t even have a score on MAL. That is how few people have it on their lists. But Statelight is a great studio, they have worked on Fairy Tail, Hellsing Ultimate, Black Summoner, Log Horizon, etc. And all those anime had decent to great productions. So that is reassuring. But yeah, I am fairly excited to see how this anime turns out to be.

That is all for now!

Tassuketsu should be a fun one but let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. The Royal Rumble is coming up and this is the most excited I have been for a Rumble in years! So, see ya!!

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