Tensei Kenja: “First Impression”

Well, I am not sure if a first impressions article for this anime is ok or not. There are like 4 episodes out already so, maybe a mid-season review is more apt, I’m not sure. That said though, Tensei Kenja genuinely surprised me. It is not anything new; you know, we have seen anime like this before. I still like it though, maybe I just like these kinds of anime; who knows?

So welcome back to another one of my “first impressions” articles. Today we are talking about Tensei Kenja. It is a pretty standard isekai but, I still like it. So well, here are my thoughts on this anime so far.

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So Tensei Kenja is your typical OP MC isekai. An office worker, Yuji somehow finds himself in an isekai. He finds a mysterious library containing many grimoires. He tames the slimes he finds there and learns all the spells in the library granting him 2 classes: Tamer and Sage. He then takes an exam to become an adventurer and travels around exploring the new world he is in.

As I said, it is a pretty straightforward isekai plot. The one thing I like about Tensei Kenja though is the fact that the MC is a tamer. That I feel like is something underutilized in these types of anime. Another thing I like is that Yuji likes traveling and doesn’t stay in a single place for long. As this keeps the setting fresh and gives a chance for some good world-building.

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Yuji is a rather typical isekai MC. I do like that he wants to learn more about the world, he asks a lot of questions. I always like curious MCs, gives us a lot of answers. Aside from him though, none of the side characters stand out that much till now. I do like how they gave different personalities to his tamed slimes, and how his wolf is a coward despite looking intimidating. This is a place where Tensei Kenjai needs some improvement though.

Animations and Soundtracks

Tensei Kenja has pretty good animations. Like much better than you’d see in an anime like this. The art style is really good, and I love the color scheme they used. The same goes for the soundtracks. The opening and ending themes are really good. The ending theme is especially funny, some people may not like it but I love it.

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I’d rate Tensei Kenja a strong 7 or 8 out of 10 for now.

Of course, these ratings are still subject to change. This is a first impressions article after all. So far, it is an ok anime that is pretty fun to watch. That said, let me know what you guys think about it in the comments. I am rather excited to see more episodes of this anime, I feel like it has potential. With that said though, I will take my leave here. I once again have a rather big archipelago to explore (in a game of course). See ya!!

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