The Best Week Yet? Best Anime Episodes, Summer 2023 Week 8!

Key takeaways from the Best Anime Episodes of the Week:

  • I’m excited to share the standout moments from various anime series this week. There were unexpected appearances and engaging plot developments that really caught my attention.
  • I’m glad to see the return of that light-hearted randomness in Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 8. It’s a welcome break from the serious narrative and adds a fun dynamic with the duel and character interactions.
  • I can’t help but be amazed by how series like “My Happy Marriage” and “Undead Girl Murder Farce” are turning out. They’re showing depth, impressive world-building, and a unique blend of supernatural and detective themes that really stand out.

I am sorely missing Jujutsu Kaisen this week. If we had JJK this week, this week would be pretty much perfect. Why do I say that? This week had some of the best anime episodes from this season. From the students messing with Yasuda in Horimiya Piece to Ichigo soloing 4 opponents at once in Bleach, there was a lot of good stuff this week.

I forgot to include Rurouni Kenshin last week even though the episode was hype, so I apologize. Although next week’s episode should be even better, I will surely include that. Mushoku Tensei had kind of a boring episode last week so I didn’t include it but this week, the series is back with an awesome episode. And My Happy Marriage man, this series continues to impress and then over-deliver. The plot just keeps getting better and better.

All of that and more in this article. So welcome back to another edition of our Best Anime Episodes of the Week. This is the 8th week of the Summer 2023 season and here are my favorite episodes from this season.

Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 8

Just finished this episode and man, this is exactly what I was missing from the series, a bit of randomness. This randomness really added to the charm of the first season. I know that the 2nd season is going for a more serious narrative but I am glad that I got back that silly little bit from the first season, even if it was just for one episode. It served the purpose of breaking the monotony of the season well.

What do I mean by randomness? Well, Demon Lord Badigadi came to duel Redues in this episode. And he just arrived randomly, with no build-up or anything. Rudy just goes outside and sees him destroy other opponents. And his personality is amazing. Also, just look at the guy! A really fun episode, definitely one of the best anime episodes from the week.

Horimiya Piece Episode 9

Nothing complicated about this one. just plain old Horimiya fun. Thanks to the expanded characters in Horimiya Piece, Yasuda was already becoming one of my favorites. But this episode firmly pushed him in among my favorites. From sleeping on the job to not even trying to hide his feelings as a single, he is truly a based individual.

Miyamura, Ishikawa and Iura’s interactions with Yasuda are always fun but in this episode, they knocked those out of the park as well. I damn near split my sides laughing when I was watching this episode.

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 5 Episode 8

This series has to stop doing this man, I watch a whole 20-minute episode and it feels like it only lasted 5 minutes. SO Dazai and Fyodor take up Nikola’s challenge and try to escape their high-security prisons. Well, as is pretty much the pattern now, every time you think something will go right for the agency, it does not. Turns out Fyodor called a zombified someone to help him escape.

At the end of the episode, it looks like Atushi is in trouble too after showing Tachihara’s last message to a certain someone. What can I say? I look forward to next week’s episode.

Bleach TYBW Part 2 Episode 8

This easily qualifies as one of the best anime episodes of the week, even objectively speaking. Ichigo returns from the Royal Palace after all this build-up faces 4 Sternritters at once and proceeds to own them without even breaking a sweat. The end of the episode also sees the return of Chad and Orihime so that is pretty cool as well.

Also, Ichigo is probably the first protagonist I’ve seen who warns an enemy to dodge the attack lol. The Getsuga Jujishou looked amazing, The Bambis looked amazing and I am glad that Ichigo got this amazing power showcase. The animations were a little iffy at times but they kicked right back in on crucial moments and the new remix of Number 1 sounded amazing as the BGM.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8

Why is this anime so good? I swear this anime has no right to be this good with a cheesy name like that. You look at the name “My Happy Marriage” you think it will be about wholesome romance or something, no. Prepare for an emotional story with good world-building that showcases a lot of political bullshit.

After episode 6, the anime has been working on expanding the world and lore of the series. This episode carried that pattern forward. It was a pretty action-packed episode for a series like this. We learn more about the Grave and the demons born from it. Something weird is going on with Miyo, a suspicious person approaches Kiyoka and that is it, the episode ends. I can’t wait for the next week’s episode.

Undead Girl Murder Farce

This is another anime that had no right to be as good as it turned out to be. I was expecting some simple detective anime but no, this involves a lot of the supernatural and tries to bring popular European stories like Sherlock Holmes, Lupin, Jack the Ripper, etc. together into one fantasy narrative and it works better than it should.

This week’s episode was a little more action-packed than usual. Lots of destruction and stuff in this episode. The small fight between Shinuchi and Jack was awesome. It looked really good and was animated well. We also learn that Werewolves exist in this anime’s world as well.


That is all for now. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Those were in my opinion, the best anime episodes of this week and I’d like to hear which ones were your favorite. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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