The Bleach Art Exhibit is Just Something Else


So Bleach is one of the longest-running and most famous shonen series of all time. It recently has its 20th anniversary and believe it or not, the anniversary celebrations are still going. Kubo-sensei just keeps giving us awesome stuff to talk about. We had the anime sequel confirmation a few days ago and now we have this.

We are of course talking about Bleach’s first art exhibit that is currently going on in Tokyo. The exhibit is filled with a lot of interesting stuff and gives us a little more insight into Kubo’s thought process. Here are the details of the stuff you can find in the exhibit.

What can you find in the Bleach Art Exhibit?

The exhibit is on the 9th floor of Tokyo’s Shibuya Hikarie building. It is scheduled to run from December 18th to January 16th. The exhibit does a really good job of showcasing Kubo’s talents. Not just as an artist but, as a writer as well. All the visitors are shown 2 edited videos based on a spread illustration that Kubo-sensei drew some time ago. It showcases Bleach’s massive cast of characters.

Aside from that, the exhibit also has a reproduction of a new 76-page Bleach chapter which was officially published on August 10th. The exhibit will take you on a ride throughout the major chapters and arcs of Bleach. Everything is really well organized and Kubo-sensei’s art is as clean as ever. It is mind-blowing how he can produce the same quality of art even on bigger than normal surfaces.

Throughout the exhibit, we get to see Kubo-sensei’s personal comments on different art pieces. Some of them are deep, some of them talking about how he drew it or the characters, and some of them outright saying that he has this piece framed or something. Also, he has written some really good dialogue and poetry to go along with all the art, showcasing his talents as a writer as well. Aside from the art, the dialogue also makes Bleach as good as it is.

Klub Outside

Klub Outside is Tite Kubo’s official fan club believe it or not. During the exhibit, the member of this club got some really special treatment. They voted on their favorite characters and battles, they get access to drawings, design materials, and stuff for Bleach from Kubo himself that is not usually made public. Not only that; 100 lucky members of the club were invited to a live drawing and QNA session with Kubo-sensei himself!! That’s nuts. So yeah, the exhibit does kind of also act as an advert for his fan club but, it’s fine because we get to see lots of cool stuff nonetheless.


That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. We tried something different today, so we hope you like it. Story controversies aside, Bleach has some of the best art I have ever seen in a manga and its impact cannot be denied. So with that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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