The Dreaming Boy is a Realist is Kinda Fun

Key takeaways from The Dreaming Boy is a Realist reivew:

  • The anime, while having its flaws, is still an enjoyable watch, particularly for fans of romance.
  • Stereotypical characters are made engaging through well-written interactions, with the main character, Sajo, standing out.
  • The plot, animations, and soundtracks are rated as average, with a decent art style but nothing outstanding.

I will be honest, I was not watching this anime from the beginning. It only caught my attention because I saw some people talking about it online and it seemed interesting. I am a big fan of romance so I thought “Why not?”. And The Dreaming Boy is a Realist was pretty much what I expected. Except I had quite a bit of fun while watching it.

Don’t get me wrong, the series does have its flaws. Sometimes they’re apparent, sometimes not so much but I found it enjoyable in spite of them.

So welcome to a review I didn’t originally plan on doing. Today we are talking about The Dreaming Boy is a Realist. Let’s start.


The plot is kind of interesting, there is this dude, Sajo who has been after a girl for almost a year at this point. Despite being rejected, again and again, he refused to leave her side. He is constantly with her praising her, and basically being a hype man. But one day things change and he stops doing that. My issue is the trigger here. My man has been a simp for a year and yet he suddenly stops it.

The rest of the plot is kind of standard SOL. I don’t think anything particularly stands out aside from Sajo’s character completely changing after he stops chasing Natsukawa around. That comes out of nowhere and the anime does kind of a poor job of explaining it. Even though it is clear that he still likes her.


The characters are pretty stereotypical and most of them lack depth but this is salvaged by good character interactions. Sajo is a pretty cool MC. I like that we hear his thoughts on things often, which gives him more character. I wish the other characters were as well-written as him too. But again, as I said, the lack of character depth isn’t that obvious because of how well most of the interactions are written.

Animations and Soundtracks

Nothing too crazy here either. The Dreaming Boy is a Realist does have a nice art style though. The art style fits well with the show and it looks cute. It does look flat (2D, I mean) at times but that’s fine with me. Nothing in the OSTs stood out to me, the opening theme is decent though I guess.


Here are my final scores for The Dreaming Boy is a Realist:

  • Plot – 6/10
  • Characters – 7/10
  • Animations – 7/10
  • Soundtracks – 5/10
  • Enjoyment – 7/10
  • Overall – 6.5/10

I know the score is low but don’t let the deter you from watching this because it is actually a fun watch despite all its flaws. This is the type of anime that will not do well on critical review but still manages to be fun. Let me know what you guys think in the comments though. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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