The Eminence in Shadow, Mid-Season Review!

Ok so first of all, this anime completely subsides expectations with that banger first episode. And now that it has the viewers hooked, it gives them a thorough ride. Man, The Eminence is Shadow is way more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Like this is a season packed with big names and yet, this is one of the shows that I’ve been enjoying the most.

So welcome back to another one of my mid-season reviews. And this week, I am talking about The Eminence in Shadow. I have no idea what is about this anime that keeps me locked in for the upcoming episode. This is genuinely one of the most surprisingly good animes of the year for me and definitely one of my favorites from this season. With that said though, let’s get started.

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What do I think of the anime so far?

Well, first of all, I knew nothing about this anime going in. I had no idea it was an isekai so this anime completely pulled a bait-and-switch on me. I thought this anime would be something like a Batman story and all. But, nope. It does kind of work like a Batman story but they played their isekai card almost at the end of the first episode. Not gonna lie, one of the best opening episodes to an isekai, ever.

So The Eminence in Shadow truly begins after the usual isekai stuff happens. Our MC, Shadow is born into a noble family and has a prodigal older sister. Wanting to keep attention away from him, he pretends to live in his sister’s shadow and acts as a “mob” to the best of his ability. Why does he want to keep attention away from himself? Well, so that he can go on killing sprees against criminals and grow his own “cult”. Yes, my boy starts his own “cult” at a very young age after he saves an elf.

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And the best part, Shadow is doing all of this for fun. He doesn’t really want to kill criminals or go after the bad guys, he just wants to see the limits of his strength. And show off that said strength as evidenced by the “I am atomique!” scene. It may not sound like it but, the plot is actually pretty well written and executed. There is actually quite a bit going on in this anime’s world and they do a fair bit of world-building.

As things stand, I give The Eminence in Shadow a solid 8/10 must-watch. If they manage to keep this up through the rest of the season, I am willing to raise that rating to a 9. Just that is how good The Eminence in Shadow is. Oh and that opening theme is absolutely fire. I love it!

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Well, that is all for now. I am really enjoying The Eminence in Shadow so far and people should really check this anime out. It is absolutely amazing. With that said though, I will take my leave here, I have a lot more work this week. See ya!!

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