The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Announced!

I am not the least bit surprised at this announcement. Given how successful the show was, I’d be surprised if it didn’t get a second season. Usually, I wouldn’t have covered this news because there is not enough info in the initial announcements to justify a full article. It’s the same with The Eminence in Shadow Season 2. But, I want to use this announcement as an excuse to talk about episode 20. I wrote my review after episodes 18-19 but episode 20 was awesome so it deserves some mention.

So welcome back to another news article. Well, this will have more of me talking about episode 20 than the news itself. Cause there isn’t really a lot to talk about right now. But anyway, I’ll cover the information first as always, and then save my thoughts for later on. Again, fair warning, I will mostly talk about episode 20. So let’s get started,

The Eminence in Shadow season 2: Expected release date, what to expect, and  more

About The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 announcement

So there was this live stream commemorating the broadcast of the final episode of the first season today (22nd February). In this live stream, The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 was announced along with a teaser visual and teaser PV. It was also confirmed that the main staff and cast will be reprising their respective positions for the 2nd season. Thar is all.

You can check out the teaser PV here.

My Thoughts

Again, there isn’t a lot to talk about here. It is pretty much what you’d expect from an early announcement. At least we go the confirmation that the staff and cast will remain the same. If I was to speculate a release date, I’d say sometime next year. But again, we will see. I really want to talk about episode 20 real quick so let’s move on to that.

Man, what a finale to this awesome season. The whole series is a big troll to isekai tropes and we got an equally troll ending. Shadow cornered Beatrix and Iris, they were helpless against him but he literally trolled them and left. Such a power move. What an absolute chad. The whole fight, they’re even able to touch him and then they’re like “you have nowhere to run”. Bruh, why would he run?

Eminence in Shadow Season 2 Announced

I saw some people hating on this anime saying it doesn’t make sense, I feel like they’re missing the point. This anime is supposed to make no sense, it’s meant to be goofy. The bad guy in the last arc is literally called “Perv A$$hat”… No, I am not joking, that is literally his name! Why would you take an anime like this seriously? It’s meant to be a troll! All in all man, awesome finale, some good fighting, plot development, and a troll ending. Everything I expected and more.


Well, that is all for now. I am happy as a kite right now that The Eminence in Shadow Season 2 is confirmed. I absolutely adore this series, easily one of my favorites from 2022. Let me know what you think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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