The Eminence in Shadow – Season 2 was Fun as Hell!

Key points for The Eminence in Shadow – Season 2 Review:

  • I really enjoyed how Season 2 of The Eminence in Shadow surpassed its predecessor in terms of plot. It offered more depth, world-building, and engaging story arcs, making the viewing experience more compelling.
  • It was great to see Season 2 delve into the characters, giving more prominence to figures like Delta, Rose, and Yukime. The humor centered around Shadow’s obliviousness added a consistent and enjoyable element to the show.
  • I couldn’t help but appreciate the show’s often-overlooked artistic quality. Even with fewer fights, the improved animation and soundtracks stood out, especially in scenes like Shadow’s battle with The Blood Queen.

Let me get this out of the way first, I still think that Season 1 was slightly better than this; I will take a wild guess and say that I feel that way because Season 1 was slightly longer at 20 episodes. Regardless, The Eminence in Shadow – Season 2 was still fun as hell to watch. Even though it had a little bit of downtime here and there, the show was never not entertaining. The 2nd last episode of this season just aired today and I am extremely satisfied with this episode.

So welcome back to another review. And today we are talking about The Eminence in Shadow – Season 2. Let’s get started!


Ok, I do think that the plot of Season 2 was better than Season 1. Season 1 had a lot more fighting and action, Season 1 kind of pulled back on all that after the first arc. Instead, Season 2 gave a lot more compelling story with more world-building, new characters, backstories for older characters, and things like that. The arcs in season 2 are surprisingly deep and have a lot of layers and moving parts. All this makes you a lot more engaged in the world and what is going on.

Of course, Cid/Shadow for the most part doesn’t understand what’s going on, which leads to the typical humor of the series. Always funny to have Shadow walk in on something important, understand none of it, and make some weird decisions because of it which somehow lead to the resolution of the matter. And his followers somehow benefit from it and think that their lord did all that for them. Either way, fun plot. Never takes itself too seriously or pretends to be something it is not.


I briefly mentioned this earlier but we got quite some good character work this season. Certain old characters like Delta and Rose became more prominent, and we got some nice character development for Rose in particular in the recent episodes. Yukime is another character that deserves praise for this season. I wish Alpha got a little more than just a segment in one episode, but I think the show will focus on her more in the future. Oh and I almost forgot, we got to see more of Claire in the first arc as well. Pretty good character work in this season overall.

Animations and Soundtracks

I think a lot of times, people low-key forget how good this show looks. Even if the number of fights has been pulled back, the fights look a lot more artistic than in season 1. Shadow vs. The Blood Queen was just awesome, and I feel like the upcoming fight between Shadow and Ragnarok will be on a similar level. As for soundtracks, they’re pretty good as well. BGM quality has certainly improved this season.

Summing Up

Here are my final scores for The Eminence in Shadow – Season 2:

  • Plot – 8/10
  • Characters – 9/10
  • Animations – 9/10
  • Soundtracks – 8/10
  • Enjoyment – 10/10
  • Overall – 8.5/10

That is all for now! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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