The Frieren Review – Why is this anime so good?

Key points for The Frieren Review:

  • I thoroughly examine “Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End,” delving into plot intricacies, world-building, and character development.
  • I appreciate the anime’s magic system for its complexity and adherence to established rules, enhancing the depth of the fight scenes.
  • I highlight the unique approach to world-building, providing a rich history of locations and showcasing the implications of living for hundreds of years.
  • I discuss the evolution of character relationships, both within Frieren’s old party and the new one, noting the depth of each character’s development.
  • I acknowledge the distinct art style, and well-designed characters, and praise the soundtracks, giving the series an overall score of 9.5/10.

I had been itching to write this review. And honestly, this was a rather troublesome review to write. Since I am not on an audio/video platform, I have limits on how long I can make an article before I lose the reader. So how do I review something like Frieren, an anime that I can spend an hour talking about? How do I make that review fit under the limits of this platform? Well, I tried and I think I was largely successful. I still might miss a point here and there but I think I got all my major points across,

So welcome back to another review. This is my 3rd draft of The Frieren Review. I just could not get the first two under 2000 words, There is just so much to talk about when it comes to this anime. So yeah, I won’t waste any more time here. Let’s just get into the review itself.

Minor spoiler ahead.


World Building

First of all, the magic system in this anime is truly praiseworthy I am sad that we didn’t get more details on it. As in, it is so good that I need more details. We already get a lot in the anime itself. For example, Frieren is strong because she has had hundreds of years to refine her magic and train. But at the same time, her long life also brings certain weaknesses with it like the latest episode pointed out. Frieren is still not used to “modern” magic, she can use it but it doesn’t come naturally to her. While Fern has been using those spells practically since she was born.

This is just the latest episode, mind you. The anime puts a lot of thought into every fight. The magic system overall is somewhere between a soft and hard system but it establishes a few rules and it sticks to them. Aside from the animations, these rules are what make the fight scenes in this anime interesting. Because now, every action in the fight has a reason and a thought behind it.


Aside from the magic system, the world has a rich history and several detailing characteristics. A lot of people say that this anime feels like a breath of fresh air. That is because this anime goes out of its way to give us the history of locations we are visiting and gives those locations defining characteristics. Often, the history is revealed through Frieren’e’s flashbacks. While they seem expository at first, I feel that these flashbacks establish a personal connection between the location and Frieren herself.

How many anime have told us that elves live long? Many. But how many anime deal with the implications of being able to live for hundreds of years? Not many. Another one of Frieren’s main draws is how the story showcases the passing of time. At some points, the show even plays Frieren’s age into jokes.

The story by itself may not be much, since you know, it is just about a journey. But it is how the anime fleshes out the various aspects of this very long journey that make it special. This anime somehow even managed to make flashbacks relevant and feel important. Most of the time, I roll my eyes at a flashback yet I look forward to every single flashback in this anime.

That is 560+ words already… I still got the characters to get through T_T


Frieren’s Old Party

First off, I love what they did with Himmel. At first glance, he seems like the stereotypical hero, who is perfect and whatnot. But now, Himmel is a flawed character he couldn’t even pull out the “Hero’s Sword” but these flaws are precisely what make him great. He has a natural charisma and it is easy to understand why people still think of him so highly even after 80 years of his death.

Heiter is played as comic relief multiple times but I love his character too. He dies a while after Himmel and his last moments with Fern were truly beautiful. It is also cool to see how much he changed as he grew older. Admittedly, Eisen isn’t as deep a character as Eisen or Himmel, but he more than gets the job done and he completes the dynamic of the party along with Frieren herself.

The New Party

I wish Stark had more character development. Fern’s character has developed a lot over time and her relationship with Stark and Frieren is also down very well. We have seen Frieren and Fern’s relationship dynamic change so much throughout the series, and it feels so natural as well. The awkward romance between Stark and Fern is also really funny.

Frieren at a glance may look like a static character. Nothing inherently wrong with that, when you have lived for hundreds of years, there isn’t much you can change about your personality that you already haven’t addressed. But she does have a slight character arc as she begins to understand humans better thanks to Himmer and now Fern and Stark. She slowly begins to understand what time meant nothing to her is a long time for humans. I like how her personality completely changes when faced with Demons. She shows no mercy to demons and rightfully so.

Side Characters

This section is dedicated to the interesting side characters in the current arc. Characters like Ubel, Kanne, Lawine, and Denken have their reasons for being at the mage exams, some even have their backstories. Their writing is immediately gripping and their designs are noteworthy. Some characters even have their own ongoing arcs.

Of course, I won’t forget Sein. He was a part of the party for a short while but he was an unforgettable addition. I hope we will see him again in the future. In a lot of ways, he was similar to Heiter but still different.

Fallme is another great character. I could go on and on here. I don’t know how this anime managed to write so many good characters.

Animations and Soundtracks

I will keep this section short. This review is already pretty long there are just so many things to talk about in Frieren. The animations are pretty good but it is the art style that gives this anime its distinct style. Even unimportant characters have a great visual design. I don’t need to tell you how good the designs themselves are at contributing to the character’s personality. Just look at designs like Flamme or Ubel. Still, though, the most recent episode is a good example of how good this show’s animations can be.

The soundtracks are pretty good as well. Sometimes they are amazing, other times they are just good. Still, they get their job done. Both the opening and ending themes are pretty good. The first opening is my favorite but the 2nd one is pretty good too.

Summing Up

Well, after that long review here are my final scores for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

  • Plot – 10/10
  • Characters – 10/10
  • Animations – 9/10
  • Soundtracks – 8/10
  • Character designs – 11/10
  • Enjoyment – 10/10
  • Overall – 9.5/10

I wish, oh how I wish I could give this anime a perfect 10. But to be fair as a content creator, I just can’t hand out a 10/10 review like that even if it is Frieren. But this anime will always be a 10 in my heart.

Well, that concludes my review for Frieren Beyond Journey’s End. There are a lot more things I’d like to highlight but well… I already told you. If you are somehow still here, let me know what you think in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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