The Promised Neverland, When Did It Get Bad?

Key points for “When did The Promised Neverland get bad?”

  • The article traces the decline in The Promised Neverland’s narrative quality, pinpointing the shift from strong storytelling in early arcs to a decline after the King of Paradise arc.
  • It highlights missed opportunities for character development, particularly Emma’s quick recovery from impactful events like Yugo and Lucas’ deaths, hindering the depth of her character.
  • The article criticizes the later arcs for sacrificing complexity and challenge in favor of convenience, noting a loss of the initial thrill, careful planning, and execution that made the series engaging.

The Promised Neverland is now known for its failures and bad story. But once upon a time, this series could do no wrong. People loved it and rightfully so because it was amazing. We all know how masterfully written and executed the first arc of this series was. It is one of the strongest opening arcs to an anime/manga ever in my opinion. But I think the brilliance of the first arc has been talked about enough over the years.

When did the series get bad though? The simple answer would be saying that it was from the 2nd arc, but surprisingly, that is not true. Yes, the 2nd season of the anime was pretty bad but the 2nd arc in the manga is decent. It is not touching the first arc but it still had some moral complexity involved and had nuanced storytelling. So welcome back to another article and today I want to talk about when exactly did The Promised Neverland go bad. Let’s get started.

Also, spoiler alert of course.

Which arc killed The Promised Neverland?

The Promised Forest arc was pretty decent all things considered. Mujika and Sanju were pretty good characters and they showed that the world isn’t as black & white as the children thought and that there are good demons too. After that, the Shelter/Search for Minerva arcs were great as well because of how strong of a character Mister/Yugo is. And it was cool to see Emma’s ideals get challenged at every point because Yugo was someone just like her once. Then he lost his family, whom he held so dear.

The cracks start appearing from the Goldy Pond arc. Yes, we still get another great character in Leuvis but this was the opportunity to further challenge Emma’s ideals and develop her character by showing her the daily lives of the demons. The same goes for the Cuvitidala arc. Yugo and Lucas’ death should’ve had a bigger impact but Emma moves on from them real quick. It was such a missed opportunity for character development.

Things get a little interesting once again with the King of Paradise arc as Norman returns but he is strong in favor of eliminating all of the demons. This doesn’t sit right with Emma as she knows there are good demons as well. Making Norman the antagonist of this arc but again, it goes pretty much nowhere as Norman gives up his plan rather easily. And nothing after this point is interesting or well executed. The story just twists itself to make things convenient and easy for Emma. All the thrill of overcoming the odds, all the careful planning and execution is gone.

Even Emma’s “sacrifice” at the end is rendered useless as she still decides to stay with the kids…. what was even the point of making her make that “sacrifice” then?

That is all for now

It is a much more gradual process than people think. Because some arcs after the first arc were still really good. But I can say for sure that after the Kind of Paradise arc, everything that made the story interesting just dies. Everything is modified to make things easy for Emma and that is not fun. She never has to challenge her ideals herself, she doesn’t even grow as a character after a certain point. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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