The Promised Neverland – A Mystery at Every Turn


The Promised Neverland – A Mystery at Every Turn

The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Nebarando) a new anime series that literally amazed the anime world with its beautiful storyline and mystery fact.

The anime series started airing in Winter 2019 and its already making headlines in the anime world. Here we have everything that you need to know. So stay with us.

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The plot of Yakusoku No Nebarando

So, the plot of the anime revolves around the orphans and the orphanage in which they live. The year is 2045 and Emma a happy girl is living her life peacefully along with other orphans.

They were having a great life loaded with tasty food, enjoying their daily activities and taking extensive tests. But then there comes a twist in the tale as you will realize that the orphanage is not an ordinary one.

Emma will be the one who will witness the shocking reality and the purpose behind this orphanage which was surrounded by walls.

Emma is the main character of the series and almost all the characters in the series are very intelligent and cheerful. This anime series is one of the best that you will see in recent years as it will give you a new taste of mystery and drama because of its intriguing storyline and terrific artwork.

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The Mystery Factor

Well, the series is a bit different from other anime series and the reason it grabbed the attention of the fans is its element of mystery in it.

You will be guessing all the time about what will happen next. You will get attached to it from the word go because the very first episode of the series is quite exciting.

Not That Same Old Story With The Characters

One of the most exciting things about The Promised Neverland anime is its artwork and the characters. The main character Emma is very energetic and caring just like a typical shonen character.

But all the other main characters in the series are portrayed as cheerful, hardworking and intelligent. Unlike many shonen characters appear to be dumb and pretty useless.

The reader will have a different perspective in this series about each and every character they come across.

A Solid 10/10 Anime

Well, after watching the anime series you will yourself think of giving this series a 10/10 for its amazing storyline and mystery factor. You will find the progression of the story very intimidating and exciting. You will be blown away by the plot, characters intelligence and mystery of the series.

A Super Amazing Horror Genre Anime

An amazing horror genre anime series was really missing in the anime world. The Promised Neverland is no doubt one of the best and most hauntingly amazing anime series.

You will not find a series better than this in the last few years because of its amazing horror theme that will definitely connect with the audience. The story is beautifully terrifying and you will definitely love to indulge yourself in the story of the series.

The cat and mouse game of the series or the escape and mind game theme is pretty much similar to that of Death Note and that’s what makes the series very exciting to watch. Many scenes in the series are very horrific, tense and thrilling.

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A Surprise Element

Yes, you will also find a surprise element in the series as well. The series is based on a Shonen Jump manga and the anime definitely has that extra horrific edge to it.

Just to let you guys know this anime series is going from strength to strength and it has emerged as one of the most horrifying anime of the past decade and this is what is surprising and also very exciting about the series.

Amazing Soundtrack

One more exciting reason for watching The Promised Neverland is its amazing soundtrack. The music of the series is equally good and it will make you connect with the series on a different level.

All great anime series have really good soundtracks and that’s what this anime has in common too. The Opening theme Touch Off by UVERworld and the ending theme Zettai Zetsumei by Co Shu Nie are very good.

Most-Anticipated 2019 Winter Anime

This will definitely amaze you as The Promised Neverland was ranked high on the list of Most-Anticipated 2019 Winter Anime. It has so much to offer that even after its first season the series is doing pretty good and the fans are loving the story of the series. The series has been very exciting ever since its debut and it has sold over 4.2 million copies in such a short span of time.

Recommended by Experts

Well, the experts have praised the manga in the past and now the series has been praised by the experts as well. Masi Oka has said, “Such an awesome manga and now an anime series. Highly recommended!” So, you can see that the response is positive both from the experts and from the fans. So, you definitely need to watch this anime series.

The Next Big Thing In Shonen Jump

Well, there is no doubt that the anime is getting popular with every passing day. The fans were freaking out on the premiere of the series and ever since it has become a phenomenon in the anime world. This new anime stands to become one of shonen’s next big things.

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The Death Factor

For its amazing content and thrilling storyline, the fanbase of The Promised Neverland is every increasing. The fans of the series are just getting larger in number and this is one the biggest reason for watching this anime. Don’t you want to be a part of an exciting anime series which has something new to offer? Well, I bet you do. So, go and check out this amazing and terrifying anime series now.

Where to Watch The Promised Neverland?

Well, you can watch the episodes of the anime series on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Funimation, and HIDIVE. These platforms are streaming all the episodes of The Promised Neverland. You can head over to these websites for more information.

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