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Key takeaways from Gundam: The Witch from Mercury mid-season review:

  • The Witch from Mercury is a Gundam anime that combines corporate world themes with big robots fighting, and has an engaging plot with well-developed characters.
  • The prologue of the series is highly recommended as it sets the background for the series and the characters.
  • The art style and animations are top-notch, with the use of CGI being implemented seamlessly. It is also a great starting point for Gundam beginners
The opening theme is so good!!!

Gundam is one of the most influential and famous anime franchises of all time. Whenever a new season comes, it is kind of a big deal. I personally am notΒ thatΒ into Gundam but, I am not uninitiated either; I have watched a few seasons like Gundam SEED and stuff. I just checked out The Witch from Mercury recently out of curiosity and man, I am so hooked on this.

So welcome back to another one of my ‘mid-season’ reviews. I am calling it mid-season because I will be talking about both cours combined i.e. the 14/24 episodes that have aired as of now. Today, of course, we will be talking about Gundam: The Witch from Mercury or G Witch; whichever name you prefer. And you know, as a Yuri fan, this is too good of an opportunity to pass by. So let’s get started.

What do I think of The Witch from Mercury?

Before I get started on the series. I really recommend checking out the prologue or episode 0. It sets a really nice background for the series and the characters from the prologue will become important later on in the series. It is a real banger episode and the ending left me speechless. So please don’t skip the prologue.

Moving on to the main series, I love the setting they went with. It is more corporate this time around, with more companies/corporations involved. The corporate world BS even leaks into the Academy. This gives the story a pretty sinister background and allows for some really cool world-building. How the greed of different corporations affects our MCs, Suletta and Miorine also adds a nice depth to the plot which I really like.

Plot aside, of course, this is a Gundam anime, And you can’t talk about Gundam without mentioning big robots fighting. Do not worry, this anime has got you covered in that department as well. Sunrise Studios did an amazing job on the art style and animations. They do use CGI but it is used with such finesse you won’t even notice it for the most part. That paired with an amazing color palette make for an enjoyable watching experience.


So yeah, that is it for now. I am really curious to see how the 2nd cour goes as the 1st cour was more character focused. No, you don’t have to watch any of the previous seasons to enjoy G Witch. I’d even say this is a great starting point for Gundam beginners. All in all, I am really impressed with The Witch from Mercury. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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