Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Project Details Revealed!

Key points for Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Details:

  • As a fan, I’m excited that Studio Pierrot is celebrating Tokyo Ghoul’s 10th anniversary by offering all 48 episodes and both OVAs for free on their YouTube channel, starting April 5th, 2024. This initiative aims to introduce more viewers to the anime and reduce piracy.
  • I can’t help but reflect on the shortcomings of the Tokyo Ghoul anime adaptation, particularly in season 2 where it deviated from the manga’s storyline, and in Tokyo Ghoul:re where pacing issues were evident due to cramming 179 chapters into 24 episodes.
  • While I appreciate the anniversary project, I can’t help but long for a remake of the anime. There were missed character arcs and rushed storytelling that could be improved upon. Despite this, I acknowledge the value of the current initiative and remain optimistic for future improvements.

I’ll be honest here, I saw the promotional art for the Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Project and got very excited. Only to be disappointed soon after reading the details of it. This is no fault of the project itself, this is wholly my fault. Cause you see, when I saw the promotional art, I expected that a remake of the anime would be announced or something like that. Only to find out that is not the case.

What we are getting is not bad by any means but man, a remake of the anime would’ve been so good. So what are we getting for the Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary instead? Well, in hindsight, what we are getting is actually quite nice. So welcome back to another news article, you know what we are talking about so let’s get started immediately.

Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary Project Details

The first episode of the Tokyo Ghoul anime aired all the way back on 3rd July 2014. So to celebrate 10 years of the anime, you can watch all episodes of Tokyo Ghoul including both the OVAs for free on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel. Tokyo Ghoul is a famous starter anime so this is great for introducing more people to the world of anime. Tokyo Ghoul is famous for having one of the best pilot episodes after all. All 48 episodes and both the OVAs will be made available on Studio Pierrot’s YouTube channel on 5th April 2024.

My Thoughts

I already made it clear that I like this decision. More anime for free without the need for piracy is always good. Tokyo Ghoul is also a famous starter anime so this just makes introducing new people to anime easier.

So I’d like to take this time and give you my thoughts on the anime. If you have been in the community for a while, you probably already know how badly the studio messed up Season 2. Especially considering that the arc that got scrapped for Root A was one of the best arcs in the manga. We didn’t get Kaneki’s character progression at all in the anime. The anime just made him into an edgelord, he was never like that even when he left Anteiku in the manga. He is a genuinely kind human being tossed into a cruel world and yet, Tokyo Ghoul Root A crushed that character arc.

As for both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul: re… I can’t fault them too much. The studio was forced to adapt 179 chapters in 24 episodes, which is unreasonable. Still, I feel like they did the best they could in 24 episodes. But as you may expect it always feels rushed.

That is all for now

Despite my initial disappointment, I think that the Tokyo Ghoul 10th Anniversary project is fairly good. It isn’t the anime remake though, so I will continue praying for it and hopefully one day, they will do it. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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