ToniKawa: Season 2, More Details announced!

Key takeaways from ToniKawa: Season 2 news:

  • The official website of ToniKawa anime released a new PV, additional cast members, and the release date for ToniKawa: Season 2.
  • ToniKawa is a unique rom-com that stands out due to its unconventional plot, with the main characters getting married in the first episode. The anime has a significant plot twist that is expected to be revealed in the upcoming season.
  • To avoid major spoilers, I recommend staying away from the manga if you want to fully enjoy the anime’s upcoming season.

Oh man, there was a massive draught of info on this anime for a while. Almost all spring animes had announced their air date and here we had ToniKawa: Season 2, which didn’t even give us a new PV until now. I am so glad that we are finally getting more news about this anime and I cannot wait to talk about it.

So welcome back to another news article. This week we are talking about ToniKawa: Season 2. We finally have more concrete news on this and we finally get to talk more about it. It has been a while. We got quite a bit of juicy info as always and my thoughts come after the news. So let’s start with the news.

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What do we know about ToniKawa: Season 2?

The official website of ToniKawa anime revealed a bunch of new details this Monday (13th March). We got our first PV, some additional cast announcements, and the release date. The release date is confirmed to be the 8th of April 2023. The anime will be directed by Ikehata Hirsohi in Seven Arcs studios, just like the first season. Pretty much all of the important staff members from the first season are making a return. The same goes for the cast.

Speaking of the cast, we do have a few new members. Kazuyuki Okitsu, Shiori Minami, Misaki Kuno, and Fumi Hirano will all be joining the cast this season. You can check out the PV I spoke about earlier right here. I have to say, the PV looks pretty dope and it made me more excited for the anime. But, that is all the news regarding ToniKawa: Season 2 we have right now. So let’s move on to

My Thoughts

As I have made clear previously, I am quite excited about this anime. ToniKawa is no normal rom-com, manga readers will know what I mean. Now, even if I put aside the huge incoming plot twist aside, the anime is definitely an above-average rom-com. These guys literally married in the first episode itself. Straight-up confession and marriage right in the first episode so the plot line following it is really entertaining.

I don’t know if we will reach the major plot twist of the story this season or not, but if we do, a lot of people will fall off their chairs. Yeah, don’t let the surface look of this rom-com fool you. It has something really nasty coming for ya. I will not tell you what it is though and I recommend staying away from this manga as much as possible if you want to enjoy season 2. Because even if you run a quick google search for ToniKawa manga, you will be bombarded with major spoilers so please be careful.

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That is all for now though. ToniKawa: Season 2 should be a fun anime and I really look forward to it. We will see if we get that part this season or not. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. I will take my leave here. See ya!

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