Top 5 Anime Art of the Week

Sasaki Haise by ryvvern

Fanarts are a huge part of any community. The anime community has some of the largest collections of fanart. We are also blessed with some of the best artists on the internet. If you know where to look and who to follow, your IG feed will always be full of amazing art. Twitter has a bit more complicated relationship with art so I don’t usually tread there but IG though, we do check that.

So well, we are back again with some more art that caught our eyes this week. I am always surprised at the amount of art you can find on IG. So here are another 5 pieces of art to feast your eyes on this week.Β The list is in random order as always, so let’s start right away.

Sasaki Haise (Tokyo Ghoul) by ryvvern

It has been so long since I last saw some Tokyo Ghoul art. The anime did this series dirty; it deserves a reboot. Both seasons of Tokyo Ghoul:re skipped so much content that a lot of people probably dont have that connection with Haise that manga readers had. One of the joys of reading Tokyo Ghouls was seeing Ishida’s art evolve. This sketch right here is very true to the original art style and I love that fact. Check out the original post here and ryvvern on IG here.

Sasaki Haise by ryvvern

Chunli (Street Fighter) by _stato_

Street Fighter is one of the all-time classic video games. Even among Street Fighter characters, Chunli is one of the OG ones and probably the most famous one. While Chunli’s art isn’t rare, I haven’t seen that many sketches of her. And then I see this post; it is awesome. I love how the artist didn’t try to hide his mistake with the sketch. That makes it even better. Check out the original post here and the artist, _stato_ on IG here.

Chunli by _stato_

Multiple Characters (Naruto) by mughii_art

This art is quite literally eye-catching. It shows the eyes of multiple Naruto characters; we have Obito, Edo-Tensei Madara, rinnegan Sasuke, Edo-Tensei Itachi, and finally, Shisui. Naruto has some of the best eye designs of all time. Not only that, the Sharingan is one of the most iconic anime powers. I love seeing the art of Naruto eyes like this. This one in particular is easily one of my favorite ones so far. Check out the original post here and the artist, mugii_art on IG here.

Naruto Eyes by mughii_art

Akaza (Demon Slayer) by shimamon1026

Akaza is one of those characters who you don’t like for their deeds but, you can’t completely hate them either. He has done some improper stuff but, I still can’t bring myself to hate him. I like seeing Demon Slayer art because the original art is so different, I love to see how various artists reciprocate it in their way. This art is pretty faithful to the original one but it still looks awesome. Check out the original post here and the artist, shimamon1026 on IG here.

Akaza by shimamon1026

Nero (Black Clover) by artjeisu

This is freaking awesome. It is instant wallpaper material. I love the neon light style red coloring in this art. I love it when artists only highlight a certain portion of the art with color and leave the rest of it without color or with only little color. It creates a certain type of satisfaction in my mind that is hard to describe. Well still, check out the original post here and the artist, artjeisu on IG here.

Nero by artjeisu


That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you want to see an artist here, yell at me directly in the comments. We had some more awesome art this week so don’t forget to check the artists on IG and show them some appreciation. Also, check out our anime recommendation of the week here. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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