Top 5 Anime Art of the Week – 1st Week of December 2021

Welcome back to another week of our weekly art series. This is the 7th edition of this series if have not lost my count. We have covered so many art pieces here till now and yet, we have only scratched the surface and we have so many more to do. So well, here we are with some more art that caught our eyes.

This week, we have some more awesome stuff. Before we begin, the list is in random order as always. And yeah, let’s start without any further delay.

Multiple Characters (Tokyo Revengers) by taniidraw

These ones in particular caught my boss’s eye. That’s why this is a 4-in-1 entry for taniidraw. These art pieces obviously depict Mikey, Draken, Takemicchi, and Chifuyu. I love seeing Tokyo revengers art man but, this art is a little different. The art style is amazing; I love bright backgrounds and the details in the art style. It looks so clean. You can check out the original posts here, here, here, and here. Don’t forget to check out the artist, taniidraw on IG here as well.

Zoro (One Piece) by arthurrphil

Zoro is definitely my favorite character from one piece. Man, he is such a badass and I feel like there is not enough art of him… or rather, there isn’t much fan art of One Piece in general compared to other famous shonen anime. I really love One Piece man, the anime got much better recently too so I am happy to see such an awesome art of Zoro. The art style is awesome and I like the choice of depicting his multiple appearances throughout the years. You can check out the original post here and arthurrphil on IG here.

Dabi and Todoroki (BNHA) by sharl0ck_

Ah yes, the ikemen duo from BNHA. We haven’t had the opportunity of seeing these two clash yet but, I am expecting to see it soon. Both of these guys are my favorites from their respective factions and man, they are totally awesome. I really like this art style, the rage on Todoroki’s face is so obvious. Dabi has his usual cool demeanor and is just standing there. You can check out the original post here and sharl0ck_ on IG here. They make some really good BNHA art so do check them out if you’re into that.

Violet (Violet Evergarden) by vera.art0

Ahh yes, the art piece that makes me happy from the inside. Violet Evergarden is an anime very close to my heart and seeing Violet really makes me happy. I mean look at this art, the expression looks so… so innocent and beautiful. This makes me want to hug her… how do you achieve this level of beauty with just a pencil? This is just wow… thanks a lot vera.art0 for this beautiful piece. You can check out the original post here and vera.art0 on IG here.

Komi and Tadano (Komi-san) by mikanndraws

Another piece that made me smile. This is so cute… both their expressions are so on point. Komi-san in general is really cute and this scene is even more so. Once again, I have no idea how you can covey all this emotion with just a pencil but, man this is once again such a beautiful piece. The art style is so good too. You can check out the original post here and mikanndraws on IG here.


That is it for now. Let me know your thoughts and recommendation down in the comments. We tried something new this week, so let me know if you want to see more of these multiple pieces in on entries. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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