Top 5 Anime Art of the Week – 1st Week of February 2022

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Hello and welcome back to another one of our art articles. Despite a rather rocky start, the new year has been great so far. Hope you have been having fun this year too. I will say it once again, time flies man. We are already one month into the New Year. Has it really been that long?

Any way though; if the day hasn’t been treating you well, don’t worry I got you covered. When I’m down or angry, looking at some good art really refreshes me.  You see some art pieces can really make you feel a certain way and that is awesome. So well, here are another 5 art pieces that caught our eyes this week. And of course, the list is in random order as always.

Eren (Attack on Titan) by

Yo, the expression in this art along speaks volumes. Eren’s post-time-skip look is so great. It suits his new rougher and jagged personality really well. Eren’s VA has been killing it too man, the way he speaks and the way he shows anger without raising his voice is so masterful. I can literally hear him speak when I look at this art. Check out the original post here and on IG here.

Emilia (Re: Zero) by vinipedroza_san

I love white/silver-haired characters. It has been like that for a very long time now and I don’t think this taste will change any time soon. So of course I love out dear Emilia-tan too; moreover, she is voiced by one of my favorite VAs. I love what the artist did with her hair with all those pinks and blues. It really catches your eyes and then you notice that it’s Emilia. Beautiful artwork man, I love it. Check out the original post here and vinipedroza_san on IG here

Original character by alty_sama

This art probably may not fall in the anime art domain but, I really liked it and wanted to give it a shout so I am doing just that. I mean look at this, the coloring is very little and so tasteful. The artist just used a little bit of red and blue to highlight the art and it looks so cool. The art itself is depicting something grotesque but, it is oddly beautiful at the same time. Check out the original post here and alty_sama on IG here.

Komi-san by art_by_merry

I don’t need to mention what anime Komi-san is from. It would have felt stupid writing Komi-san and then Komi-san again in the brackets. But this art though, holy shit absolutely beautiful is the first thing that comes to my mouth after seeing this. The details on the hair and the uniform are absolutely stunning. And I love the artist’s choice of only coloring the eyes; brings out so much of the emotion. Check out the original post here and the artist, art_by_merry on IG here.

Original character by adem_seddiki

Yes, this is an original character even though I swear I have seen this character template in so many anime now. The most recent ones to come to mind are Tart from World’s Finest Assassin and Rika from KanojomoKanojo. I don’t know why those were the first names to come to my mind but still, I love this art. The moment you can hear an art man, you know the art is awesome or maybe you have watched too much anime. I love the details in this art and it is really cute. Check out the original post here and adem_seddiki on IG here.


That is all for now. We had some more awesome art this week too; so don’t forget to support the artists directly. Go follow them, like their posts, etc. if we are helping artists grow even a little bit, that is enough for us. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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