Top 5 Anime art of the Week

Sakayanagi by addem_seddiki

Man, we are already halfway through March. It still feels like the month just started. Time really flies fast when you are busy; well, I have my tests next week so I’m a bit overworked right now. You know what though, this job is very relaxing and I love talking about art here. You see, art and music are really magical and they can do a great job of calming your nerves.

So, welcome back to another edition of our weekly art recommendation series!! We are back again with another 5 awesome pieces of art that caught our eyes this week!! The list is in random order, as always. With that said, let’s start right away.

Sakayanagi Arisu (COTE) by adem_seddiki

I have been talking about this guy’s sketches almost every week and man, I love his art. This sketch is a prime example of why I like this dude. Sakayanagi is of course a very important character in COTE and she is cute. I mean look at that smile and those eyes; she’s precious. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.

Art: Sakayanagi by addem_seddiki

Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen) by fantom.arts

Another artist I’ve been following for quite some time now. Thank you to whoever commissioned this art because this piece is just awesome! fantom does an excellent job with the colors and the lines as always. I love his art style man, it is very clean and effective. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.

Art: Gojo sensei by fantom.arts

Naruto and Pain by ochrefoxtattoo

I apologize, I can’t post a preview for this post since it is a video. But, trust me here this video is just awesome. It is a stop motion type video and the art is just awesome. It shows Naruto and pain side by side in one image. I can’t really describe it really well but it is awesome looking and I love the art style. Check out the video here and the artist on IG here.

Nezuko (Demon Slayer) by

Another video but completely different from the previous one. The previous one was cool but this is one is just adorable. Nezuko is cute as is and seeing her chibi art made my day. I am sure that this art will put a big smile on your face because it is just so cute!! Check out the video here and the artist on IG here.

Mikasa (Attack on Titan) by _skynx

I don’t think I’ve seen this artist till now. It was my boss who sent me the link to this art and boy, I am glad he did. The art style is very simple yet it is so eye-catching. I think it has to do with her eyes, they look so alive. This sketch really looks like you are face to face with Mikasa herself. Check out the original post here and the artist on IG here.

Art: Mikasa by _skynx


That is it for now. Let me know what you think in the comments. Do remember to support the artists who make these beautiful pieces for us. Do show them the appreciation they deserve. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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