Top 5 Anime Characters with Black Hair

Top 5 Anime Characters with Black Hair

Ah yes, another one of these lists. Ha-ha, I had fun making the last 2 lists so let’s do another list just like this. I mean seriously talking about hair and eye colors in anime characters is fun. It is something I personally enjoy and I hope you do too.

So black hair, probably the most realistic hair color of all anime hair. I mean even the red hair in anime is way brighter than what you’d find in real life. So yeah, black hair is probably most realistic. Although I do agree to do anime hairstyles in real would probably still be difficult even if you have the right hair color.

Now it may just be me but, black-haired characters tend to be a little edgier than others tight? Look at the Uchiha clan in Naruto for instance. All Uchihas have black hair and the clan is full of edge lords like Sasuke and Madara. So yeah, we have a fun list ahead of us. Let’s get started

KageyamaTobio from Haikyuu

Here we go our first edgelord of the list. If you have watched Haikyuu you will know what I mean. He used to be an ice-cold setter before joining Karasuno and believed in his own skill rather than his team. He thought if he did his best they would still win even if the team can’t keep up with him.

He does improve his bad habits and becomes considerably more skilled in the setting. But, he keeps his edgy attitude. He is actually a nice guy but for some reason, he needs to keep up his edgy personality. This edginess increases twofold when he’s with Hinata. But yeah, cool anime guy and you should definitely check out Haikyuu. You have no idea what you’re missing.

Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Ok, Sebastian Castellanosisn’t an edge lord per se. He is a gentleman; he is “one hell of a butler” after all. Always well behaved, level-headed and calm, Sebastian is a complete badass. He can do anything from protecting his master to doing normal butler things. Seb can do anything and everything.

If you haven’t noticed already, Seb is not a normal butler. He is literally the devil himself. He accepted Ciel’s contract and serves him only to fulfill his end of the bargain. He really is “one hell of a butler”.

MadaraUchiha from Naruto

Ok, I agree a lot of Naruto characters have black hair. I could’ve put Shikamaru or Sasuke here but I wanted to continue the edgelord trend. While Sasuke and Shikamaru are edgy, Madara is probably the edgiest character in Naruto.

This guy can’t stop acting edgy even when he is having fun with his best friend (read rival). Look at my man’s hair, even his hair looks edgy af. He is strong on a whole other level. This man casually pulls down meteors from space to kill his enemies. He is just a complete badass, even though he is a villain and did many bad things, you just can’t hate him. He is that cool.

You may be thinking, why is Madara so low on the list? Well, the first 2 characters are much closer to my heart than him.

Lelouch from Code Geass

Oh, my poor guy. He suffered so much; yes some of his sufferings were due to his own mistakes but seriously my man has suffered a lot. He is someone who was forced to grown cold because of his experiences. He is a very sensitive person otherwise.

All he wanted was to see his sister smile. Hence the one day decided to liberate Japan and take revenge against his father. He deeply cares about his friends and his sister(s). He suffered so many betrayals throughout his life that he grew cold. He is misunderstood so much by the people around him. I personally relate a lot to Lelouch so that’s I like him.

L from Death Note

The only one who could surpass Lelouch on a list for me is L. Even though I agree with Light’s sentiments about criminals (not the god part), I really like L. he is not an edgelord like others on the list but he is a really kind guy. He appears blank and emotionless but he isn’t like that. What most people don’t realize is that he could have held Light in a prison and may even have had enough evidence to convict him but he didn’t want to believe that Light is Kira.

What do you think? L couldn’t have come with a trap similar to the trap N and M came up with? He could have done that easily but he didn’t. This reason alone is enough to make him the top pick on this list. I just love this guy. Even his theme song is awesome.


Well, that is all have for now. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Leave your suggestions too, maybe we’ll do a commenters edition of a few lists in the future. As always stay tuned for more content and do not forget to check out the awesome art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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