Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week

Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week

And we’re in the 2nd week of our last weekly series too. Welcome back everyone; let’s appreciate some more music today together. Hope you liked the last list of the week. I have researched a little more since then and found a few channels I didn’t know about earlier.

I will try to keep expanding my knowledge of channels and of course, I am open to suggestions. I really love music so I have no problem seeking out new channels. One last thing before we begin, the list is in random order. With that out of the way, let’s start

Heaven’s Feel III Ending by Theishter

Starting off with a little older video, we have Theishter. He plays piano and of course, he is really good. You can check this video out here. HF III is a really good movie and this song is by Aimer one of my favorites. Theishter my man really nailed this cover. You can feel the emotion in his piano, just like the original song.

Naruto Sad Medley by Ru’s Piano

I had to put her up again. She does such beautiful pieces and medleys, can’t just ignore her. You can check this clip out here. As always, Ru has her cosplay on. This once she’s cosplaying as Itachi. His theme is in the medley too and if you’re a Naruto fan, you know how good Itachi’s theme sounds.

My War by Animenz

Another old video but honestly, Animenz’s covers are something you can never grow tired of. His infamous ten hands technique is always fun to watch. The time he spends making these arrangements must be crazy. Also, he just posted a video but I’m not including that here because I already mentioned HF III earlier. You can check this video here.

Anime Music: Too Easy to Insane by Rob Landes

A really old video but this one is really funny. If you watch his videos, you know Rob is a really funny guy. You can find this video here. As always his skills are amazing and he is also showing off his “weeb wisdom” a bit. This isn’t a cover of a particular song but, a really good video nonetheless.

Sing My Pleasure by Kathie Violin

Kathie is someone who really deserves more appreciation. She is just on 95k subs and that’s really a shame given her skills. She also does cosplays like Ru and is really skilled with the violin. I have no idea why such a low has sub count but seriously guys, listen to this. You’ll love it. Vivy already has such beautiful sound design so it’s really nice to see people playing their versions of its OST.


That is all I have for now the week. Leave your recommendations down in the comments. I will be sure to follow them. As always, stay tuned for more content, and don’t forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya guys!

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