Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week


It has already been a month since the new year now. I can’t believe how fast time flies sometimes. It feels like New Year was just yesterday. Better yet, it was just Genshin Impact 2.5 live stream today and it feels like 2.4 came out only a few days ago. Life can be really stressful with this speed so sometimes, you need a break. What better way to take a break than with some good music? If music then why not some awesome anime covers?

So welcome back to another one of our music recommendation articles. Listening to some good music can really freshen up your mood so, here I am back again with 5 more anime covers you should check out. The list is in random order as always. So, let’s start right away.

Studio Ghibli Collection by Kathie Violin

This is video is just 40 minutes of good music. Kathie is very skilled at making these covers and the studio Ghibli music always fills everyone with nostalgia. The thing is, I heard this full video in the background while writing and I didn’t feel bored of the music for a single minute. Sure studio Ghibli music has always been awesome but, I have to give credit to Kathie here. She not only made such awesome covers but, she placed them really well so that we don’t get bored while listening. Check out the video here if the embedded one isn’t working.

The Rumbling by Drumstick

This cover is a little old but, I wasn’t able to put it up in an article. So here we are. Drumstick makes some really awesome covers and I always look forward to his new uploads. The Rumbling is of course the now famous second opening theme of Attack on Titan Final Season. This opening does a great job of showcasing how Eren feels if you listen properly to the lyrics. It is so metal, I love it. Check out the video here if the embedded one isn’t working.

Guren no Yumiya by Skar Productions

This is a bit of an old video but, I found it recently and loved it so I am featuring it today. I feature this guy’s The Rumbling cover last week and that was awesome. So what I went for a dive into his channel and found this gem. This is just awesome. Never thought Guren no Yumiya could sound any more motivational but, I was wrong. This cover is awesome. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.

Avid by Ru’s Piano

Avid is the awesome ending theme of the anime 86. A lot of people are pissed off at 86 for all the delays but man, the anime still remains one of the best anime of last year. I love listening to Avid whenever I get the time because Hiroyuki Sawano is awesome. The music he makes is just crazy good. 86 is no exception. Ru does an awesome job on the cover as always. I don’t how she is able to put out 2-3 videos a week while maintaining this quality but, I am very thankful for it. Check out the video here if the embed is not working.

Multiple Songs by Animenz

Yes, I am talking about the recent 12th anniversary live stream by Animenz. I have been a long-term fan of his channel but I did not realize he has been doing covers for 12 years now. But, kudos to him for consistently bringing us such high-quality covers. He does disappear from time to time but, whenever he comes back, he comes back with a bang. Even after all this, he is very active in the comments section and frequently likes and replies to his comments. I love this guy. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.


That’s all for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. We had some awesome covers this week so don’t forget to like and subscribe to the artists because they put out such good content for us. And yeah, with that said I will take my leave here. See ya!

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