Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week – 2nd Week of February 2022


Anime music is just something else. I don’t know how can people hate anime music. It spans so many genres and is underrated in most of them. People usually don’t understand but, anime staff people are good at picking catchy themes for the anime. Most of the J-pop industry is supported by the anime industry. That is why anime music and covers make me feel good.

So well, I am back again with 5 more anime covers that you should check out this week. Music can help you a lot of time so, be sure to get your daily dose of music. The list is in random order, as always. So let’s get started.

Blue Bird by HalcyonMusic

Blue Bird is one of the most iconic openings of Naruto. Naruto openings have always been great at depicting the arc they are used for and Blue Bird is no exception. Just the sheer nostalgia of this opening is enough is bring tears to the eyes of a lot of people. It still makes me happy to see a cover of Blue Bird all these years later. Halcyon nailed the cover too, it sounds sad. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.

The Rumbling by Kaji

So I listed Kaji’s cover of The Rumbling a few weeks ago. So how is this one different you may ask? Well, this is the cover of the full song instead of just the anime length. And believe me, a longer video doesn’t mean that the quality of the covers has dropped. I think Kaji made some adjustments to the older one too and it sounds so awesome! The Rumbling is a great song as is and hearing it like this makes me even happier. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.

Gurenge by Andrew Foy

So this is the random cover of this week. Yes, this is a rather old video but, I just saw it so it is here. This person rarely does anime covers and he hasn’t posted a video in a while so, not exactly my go-to channel. But, this video is just epic. YouTube recommendations are really great sometimes and they can genuinely surprise you. Gurenege was already a catchy song but, this version is even more so. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.

Merry-go-round of Life by Animenz

I did not get to list this video back when it was uploaded so I am doing it now. Merry-go-round of Life is the main theme song of the classic Studio Ghibli movie, Howl’s Moving Castle. This one is again one nostalgia-heavy cover. Studio Ghibli movies always have such beautiful music direction, it is amazing. Animenz is of course amazing at making covers and arrangements. Check out the video here if the embed isn’t working.


the WORLD by Ru’s Piano

The World or stylized as the WORLD is the iconic first opening theme of Death Note. It has been such a long time since I last heard this song and I am so happy to hear it once again. I still love the first opening and ending themes of Death Note man, their picturization and mood are so fitting to Death Note. Ru’s covers are always awesome. So, check out the video here if the embed isn’t working,


That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. We had some more awesome covers this week too, so don’t forget to drop a like on the original videos too if you like them. Also, check out our picks for the top 5 anime art here. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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