Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week


It is already March and it feels like February came only yesterday. This week has been absolutely crazy for me. Stuff is finally settling down in offline mode here now, so getting used to the daily commute and all once again. It is kind of hard managing all sorts of stuff at once but, that comes with being an adult. Anime covers and music have really kept me going this week though, that is for sure.

Welcome back to another week of our weekly music recommendation series. Music can really help you get through tough times so here are another 5 awesome covers that caught out ears this week. Of course, the list is in random order, as always. So let’s get started.

Shirogane by SLSMusic

Starting off with a bit of nostalgia; we have Shirogane’s cover by SLSMusic. Shirogane is the ending theme of Demon Slayer Mugen Train Arc and it is originally by one of my favorites, LiSA. This is a great cover to call back; I am not sure if I listed this cover when it originally came out but this is an awesome clip. I love the feel of this song and SLS does an awesome job on it. He also uploaded some awesome FFXIV: Endwalker covers; so if you’re interested in those do check out his channel.

Unravel by HalcyonMusic

Speaking of nostalgia, here is another heavy dose of it. A new (2 months old at this point but still) Unravel cover by HalcyonMusic. Even Halcyon made this video only for nostalgia. He even titled it “nostalgic piano ver”. This cover hits hard though, I can really feel it. Halcyon did an awesome job on this. He made sure that the video packed a hell of a punch; get your tissue boxes for this one guys, I certainly needed one.

The Rumbling by Vicki Balfour

Sometimes, the YouTube recommendations drop good stuff on your lap. I found this person completely by accident and her covers are great. She deserves way more views and subs. Like this cover only has 600 something views on it but, it is so so good. I mean seriously, go check her channel out. She has some really good stuff on there. I really hope she gets more views and subs soon.

Rising Hope by Animenz

Here is another old video y’all this week. I was rewatching Mahouka recently and I remember how good this opening in particular was. It is LiSA once again so that is another reason to like it. As for why I was rewatching Mahouka… well, that has something to do with Gemshin. If you are a player, you’ll know what I mean. Anyway, though, Animenz does his thing as always on the cover. His covers are always so crazy.

Koi no Yukue by Ru’s Piano

This video hasn’t premiered yet at the time of writing but, I have been looking forward to this cover. Many people have made covers of the opening theme of My Dress-up Darling but no one has done the ending theme yet. So I am glad Ru is finally touching on this. Her covers and her upload consistency are great as always. I really hope her channel keeps growing like this because she clearly works very hard for it.


That is it for now. I will go rest a bit now; because as I said, this week has been crazy. So crazy in fact that Funimation and Crunchyroll decided to merge under the Crunchyroll brand name. Yeah, that happened. With that said though, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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