Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week

Anime covers

As I said in the last article man, this week was pretty rough. I am so glad I finally made it through the week. Now I can just sit back and work on my content. The other thing that kept me going through the week was definitely music. I really enjoy music on my daily commute and what better than some awesome anime covers to wake you right up?

So welcome back to another edition of our weekly music recommendation series! We are back with another 5 awesome anime covers that caught our ears this week. The list is in random order, as always so let’s get started right away!

Sakayume by SLSMusic

Sakayume is a song from Jujutsu Kaisen 0 originally by the awesome band, King Gnu. They also did the Ousama Ranking opening themes so you probably have heard them already. This song is just as awesome man, I love it. And SLS doesn’t pull any stops with the cover man. His covers are always so good consistently.

Ao 100 Syoku by HalcyonMusic

Finally I see the cover of this song man. It is such an upbeat and catchy song. I haven’t watched Komi-san season 2 yet but, I have heard this opening and it is such a great opening. Cinderella Man was good but, I like this one more. The name Cinderella Man reminds me of that one Eminem song but, that’s besides the point. This cover is awesome; Halcyon is great artist and I love his work.

Fukashigi no Carte by Fonzi M

The throwback cover for this week. Prepare your tissue boxes for this one guys; if you’ve watched the anime you will need them. This is hands down one of Fonzi’s best covers and the views on this video speak for it. He went well beyond his usual cover levels man, he is very good as is but this cover is just awesome.

The Rumbling by Eddie van der Meer

So he finally made a cover for this. I have been waiting for a very long time for this cover man, everyday I hoped to see this cover. My hopes were low but they went up once again when he dropped the Enemy cover a few days ago. And I was not disappointed at all; this cover was every bit worth the wait. Eddie is just so good with the guitar, it is very entertaining to watch his covers.

LilaS by Ru’s Piano

LilaS is that one song from 86 that is probably stuck in your head after episode 23. It is such a good song man, Sawano never disappoints with his music. His songs are always awesome and he grows better with time man. And my salute to Ru as always. She is really good at making this covers and I really appreciate her hard work. I understand it must not be easy to post 2-3 videos a week and she still manages to do it.


That will be all for now. I have quite a few anime to check out for next week’s content so I will return to that for now. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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