Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week

Top 5 Anime Covers to Listen to This Week

And here we are at our 3rd weekly series. You may already know that I love music if you have read some of my stuff here. I really do. And I personally feel like music gets to me more than average people. That’s why I really appreciate an anime with good soundtracks. Many people don’t like anime music and they’re wrong. Sometimes anime music is much better than mainstream music.

Here’s the thing though as much as I love music, there are not YouTube cover channels that I listen to. So my knowledge in the cover department is a bit clouded. Does that make me qualified to do this list? No, but I have to still do it because my boss asked me to. So I am open to all suggestions and recommendations in the comments.

I’ll say this again, this is a weekly series so don’t get mad if you’re favorite YouTuber isn’t on the list. I read the comments and I will be sure to check and include your recommendations in future articles. Like earlier articles, the list is in random order. Let’s start then

Déjà vu (Initial D) by Eddie van der Meer

If you don’t know, my man Eddie plays guitar and he’s really skilled with it. You can check this video out right here. Déjà vu is already a fire track and Eddie really made it even better. My man even recorded most of this video on night roads in true Initial D fashion. I know this video is old but that doesn’t change how good it is.

Eddie does a lot of covers apart from anime too and he is one of the more successful artists on YouTube. He actually has more subscribers right now than my favorite anime cover artist.

Vivy Medley by Ru’s Piano

This video is a little old (2 weeks old at the time of writing) but I really love it. You can check it out here. Vivy has really beautiful songs. They have really deep meaning and sound really good too. Ru plays the opening and both the endings in this clip and I feel like Vivy’s soundtrack really fits the way Ru plays her piano. Her cosplays are an added bonus.

She is among the lesser-known people on the list. She mostly does anime covers with a few occasional game cover. If you like game covers, you should definitely check out her Gwyn, Lord of Cinders cover.

Stand Proud (JoJo) by Rob Landes

Subscriber-wise, Rob is the most well-known person on this list. This is another old video 6 months old. You can check the video out here. Rob does a lot of covers, not just anime. I love he finds ways to turn his normal cover videos into memes too.

He is someone who just has fun doing weird stuff. His cosplays are just hilarious. Even if you don’t want to watch covers, his channel has plenty of other funny stuff.

My War – Major Key Version (AoT) by Fonzi M

Another old video but something you should listen to. You can check the video out here. This video definitely deserves a mil+ views. As always I love Fonzi’s unique take on songs. When you use a major key to play a song, it sounds more cheerful in general. It’ll become very clear once you listen to this.

A cheerful version of “My War”? Yeah, sounds weird but it’s a really good video. Fonzi does only anime covers and he often plays on public pianos too. You should definitely check out his channel.

To the Beginning (Fate/Zero) by Animenz

Had to include a song from this man. Animenz is my favorite cover artist. My view may be clouded but he is really awesome. He doesn’t upload very often because he does live shows and all but all of us loyal fans wait for his new uploads. He is literally the great senpai of all anime cover channels on YouTube.

You can check out this video here. I specifically chose this song because many people have watched Animenz’s Unravel and This Game covers, not a lot of people have seen this one (speaking in terms of views). His handwork is just on another level like always. He is really the GOAT of anime piano covers.

Well, that is all I have for now. This was the first in many upcoming lists so don’t be mad if your favorite song or artist isn’t here. As I said earlier, I am open to suggestions so please feel free to use the comments section. As always, stay tuned for more content, and do not forget to check out our art section. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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