Top 5 Anime Eyes with Super Powers

Top 5 Anime Eyes with Super Powers

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Whether you are new to anime or have been an Otaku for a while you know eyes in anime play a huge part. Even if they don’t have superpowers, they usually reflect emotions so beautifully. Anime eyes are seriously so much more beautiful than real eyes.

Putting the normal eyes aside, we are here to speak of anime eyes with superpowers. There are so many anime that have eyes with superpowers making the already cool-looking anime eyes even cooler. Some eyes are just overpowered as hell. I could have made this list purely out of Naruto powers but, I will put only one entry from Naruto. So let’s take a look 5 such cool eyes

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Shinigami Eyes from Death Note

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Starting with the most basic power. These eyes just allow the user to see the true name and lifespan of a person in exchange for half lifespan of the user. What makes these eyes worth sacrificing half of your life for? Well, it has to do with the fact all you need to control and kill someone is their true name and face.

So as long as you know the name and face of anyone, you can kill them and control their actions before death. So knowing your target’s “name” is very important and you can tell the name of anyone just by looking at them through these eyes. While they are very basic, they are really strong if you happen to possess a death note.

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Faustian Contract from Black Butler

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Other people have the Faustian Contract but only Ciel Phantomhive has the contract seal on his eye. It is covered by an eye patch when not in use. It is a sign of a contract more than a superpower but it can be used to give absolute orders to Sebastian. After all, we know Seb is “one hell of a butler”. Seb can do literally everything and is one of the most handsome anime characters.

As for why the contract seal is in Ciel’s eye, it is said in the anime that the more prominent part of the body the seal is one, the stronger is the contract. Meaning he can force more orders on the devil Seb. So yes despite not being a superpower in a normal sense, the contract seal is rather strong.

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Ultimate Eye from Fullmetal Alchemist

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Ultimate Eye is possessed by King Bradley, and it is not the strongest of the anime eyes. However, it is Bradley’s skill in using it is what makes it overpowered. What power the eye possesses is not explained properly except for the fact that they can predict his opponent’s actions to some extent. Now predicting the actions of the opponent is not enough in itself but it is Bradley’s skill at using this eye is that makes it powerful.

Despite only being armed with a sword, Bradley was easily able to take on alchemists, entire squads armed with guns, and heck even a tank. Okay, he used a grenade to destroy the tank bit still. He was able to strike faster than Greed’s shields could form. He is really a well-done villain.

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Rinnegan from Naruto

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I already told you I will only put one Naruto eye on this list so what better pick than the most advanced stage of the Sharingan. You see, a Sharingan grants the user the ability to foresee the opponent’s actions. It can also copy their techniques, use strong illusions and even see the flow of chakra to some extent.

It then evolves into a Magekyou Sharingan. This is granted when a Sharingan wielder experiences the death of a close person. The Magekyou further improves on these abilities, grants abilities unique to the user. An example of this is Itachi and Sasuke having Amaterasu, and Obito and Kakashi have Kamui.

That’s not all, once the user has a Mangekyou in both eyes (it may require 2 deaths like in Itachi and Madara’s case or even a single death strong enough will do like with Sasuke and Obito) they obtain the ability to manifest a Susanoo which is basically a huge Stand.

After all this, one may acquire the Rinnegan by getting access to the Sage of Six Paths’ chakra. I won’t detail how you do that. However, on top of all these extremely overpowered abilities, the Rinnegan further strengthens them and grants 6 more abilities that can be accessed by all Rinnegan users. Another ability unique to Sasuke is teleport and multi-dimensional travel and Madara has his Limbo shadows. So yeah, saying that they are strong will be a massive understatement.

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Lelouch’s Geass

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There are a bunch of different geass abilities in Code: Geass but Lelouch’s geass is arguably the strongest. According to me, it is anyhow. The power it grants is simple, Lelouch can give a single order to a person and they can’t refuse that order. A single order may seem less but again it is not about the power itself. Rather it is about how skillfully Lelouch uses his power to get his way.

This man beat an army of a world-dominating empire. He did it with just a handful of soldiers solely through leadership and clever usage of his power. Lelouch’s superior intellect makes this power extremely dangerous even though it is really basic. Even though his enemies are aware of his power, they still can’t do anything about it. If it was any other person using this, it would not have been this dangerous. However, like in Bradley’s case, it is the user that makes this power much stronger.

Those were my picks for the top 5 anime eyes with awesome powers. Let me know down in the comments what you think of my picks and let me know if there are other eyes that you would like to see on the list and maybe I will do a part of this list in the future. I am planning of doing part 2 of some lists in the future and will do so once I get the okay from my mod. As usual, stay tuned for more such articles, and do not forget to check our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!


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