Top 5 Anime of Winter 2024 – First Impressions

Key points for Top 5 Anime of Winter 2024 – First Impressions:

  • “The Dangers in My Heart Season 2” and “7th Time Loop” surprised me with compelling storylines and character development, despite initial hesitation.
  • “Classroom of the Elite Season 3” maintains its enjoyable and intriguing narrative, promising an engaging experience for fans of the series.
  • Despite a lukewarm start, “Solo Leveling” redeemed itself in the second episode, living up to its hype and setting the stage for a promising future.
  • “A Sign of Affection” stands out as a noteworthy romance anime, successfully capturing a cute, warm, and relatable atmosphere with compelling character dynamics.

I don’t remember what 5 anime I put into my “Most Anticipated Anime of Winter 202” list. But I can say for sure that in this list, there are 2 unexpected additions. And one of those two anime I probably wouldn’t even have watched if it wasn’t for this job. Now keep in mind, these rankings are only based on the first impressions. The Winter 2024 Season is just starting and I am sure more anime will pick up down the line.

So based on 2 weeks of the winter 2024 season, here are my top 5 anime so far! Again, keep in mind, that this list is only based on the first impressions of the anime. Also, if you want to hear my thoughts in detail, you can check out the respective first impressions article for each of them, Let’s get started!

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2

Unexpected entry number 1. I did not initially plan to watch this anime. I didn’t even complete the first season. But upon seeing the universal praise for season 2, I caught up to this anime. And oh boy, I understand where the ratings are coming from. The character development for both our MCs, Yamada, and Kyptaro has been amazing. The series picked up in the last few episodes of season 1 and season 2 just continues building on that.

7th time Loop

Just watched episode 2 and man, the plot of this anime is unexpectedly good. Despite using familiar and sort of overused tropes, this anime adds a surprising amount of depth and twists to those. It is cool seeing Rishe use the knowledge of all her different lives in episode 2. It is also very interesting how going through different lives in all 6 previous cycles has changed her perspective. Both she and Arnold are very interesting as characters too.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3

From here on, the list is kind of predictable, but I don’t care, it’s my list. Two episodes in and this season has already been so much fun. The plot for this season seems to be very interesting and I am very curious to see how things progress from this point on. I stopped reading the LN around this point too so I really don’t know what is coming. But we are in for a treat from the looks of it.

Solo Leveling

My impressions of the first episode weren’t too favorable. I wasn’t blown away by it or anything. Episode two though, completely changed that. Episode 2 was exactly what I expected from this series and it delivered. Which is why this anime is here. And I know for a fact that it is only going to get better from this point on. Solo Leveling is one of the most hyped anime of winter 2024 or rather 2024 as a whole. And that is for a good reason.

A Sign of Affection

The 3rd romance anime on this list LOL. I am a big fan of the genre but this season does have some good romance shows in it. And this is one of the best romance animes I have seen in a while, I feel like. It nails that cute, warm, and fuzzy atmosphere. The characters already feel relatable and I already love the character dynamics. I haven’t even watched episode 2 yet but I just love this series so far.

That is all for now!

So yeah, those were my top 5 anime of the winter 2024 season purely based on the first impressions. Let’s see how this list changed by the end of the season. Let me know yours in the comments. I will take my leave here, See ya!!

Also, check out my detailed thoughts on the 7th Time Loop here!

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