Top 5 Anime Series by Kyoto Animation

Top 5 Anime by Kyoto Animation

When it comes to animation, obviously a few studios stand above the rest. Kyoto Animation is easily one of the best studios out there. The amount of love they put in making an anime is just beautiful. You can guess how much loved KyoAni when you look at the reaction of people when their building burnt down back in 2019. Kyoto Animation is just so good at what it does.

Over the years, KyoAni has done a lot of anime ad I doubt that they ever did a bad anime. However, a few are obviously better than the others. So here are the 5 best anime by Kyoto Animation.


I’m starting off the list with something very obvious. It is really silly and it is really fun. Everyone who has watched Nichijou will know what I mean. Every episode is just a blast of non-sense and comedy. Yet it is somehow better than most comedy anime. There is really nothing to say about the plot except that there are like only 5-6 main characters and the show follows their daily lives which are not normal, to say the least. All sorts of weird things happen in Nichijou and it’s just plain fun to watch. You want something to relax and have a laugh without thinking too much, Nichijou is your go-to anime. Even after 5 rewatches, it’s still funny like it was the first time to me.


Another really obvious entry and it’s the complete opposite of Nichijou. Clannad is based on a visual novel of the same name. The main series adapts the canon route of the VN. The anime starts on a rather uplifting tone but it gets sad really soon. The ending will have you crying for hours. It follows the protagonist’s journey from high school to adulthood. It shows us the pain of adulthood sometimes but what happens in the ending is something I wish no one ever has to experience. You will seriously need to watch Nichijou recover from the depression Clannad will give you. Even the OVAs and extra episodes that cover other routes are just so sad for some reason. KyoAni did a really good job in creating the atmosphere for this anime. The soundtrack plays a very key role in creating the atmosphere. They even managed to preserve the art style from the original VN.


Hyouka is something that is kinda between Nichijou. It has its funny and serious parts. Do not mistake Hyouka for a normal school anime. It has a few very dark parts and it’s dark in a very real way. It about things that actually happen and may happen to people. The protagonist is really smart and he is easily one of my favorite characters. He is a smart but lazy stereotype but, he is someone who finishes his work as soon as possible so that he can rest after that. That is what I like about him. Unlike other characters, he actually does his work before time. I try to live like him. Hyouka has a very good story and will keep you invested for all of the 22 episodes. It’s amazing how Hyouka manages to create a feeling of suspense despite being far away from the actual crime.

Koe no Katachi

KyoAni has done so many beautiful anime over the years. Koe no Katachi is easily one of the best anime movies ever made. It is a really good example of how life can change a person. The protagonist was a cocky brat and a bully when he was young but, when he grows up he becomes one of the most relatable characters in anime. I relate to Shouya so much. No, I was not a bully but his grown-up version is just so relatable, desperately trying to do what is right while struggling to correct his past mistakes. This is complemented beautifully by Shouko’s character development. Not much story-wise but, the character development of Shouya and Shouko is worth every minute and the movie isn’t that long either.Β  Check out Koe no Katachi NOW!!

Those were my picks for best anime by KyoAni. This is another list that deserves a part 2 because KyoAni has done soo much beautiful anime over the years and they will continue to do so. As always, stay tuned for more of my stuff and awesome art. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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