Top 5 Anime Series That Will Make You Cry

Top 5 Anime Series That Will You Cry

Top 5 Anime Series That Will You Cry

I made you laugh with the previous list about funny RomCom anime so decided to go the full S route and decided to make this list. So here are 5 anime that will surely make you cry. Of course, I did cry while watching these. Only sometimes there was someone chopping onions nearby and sometimes it was raining. Yes, it’s not like I was crying or anything. Baka. My terrible tsundere act aside, let’s get right into it with number 1:

Clannad: After Story

No the 1st season, but this one. I feel like the role of the 1st season is to set the stage for this one. While the 1st season is just fine, this season will definitely make you shed some man tears. There is a lot to cry about on Clannad. Not to touch spoilers here but, basically the death of 2 very dear characters and the impact they have on the protagonist. The 1st one was sad in itself but I saw it but still was saddening enough. The 2nd one comes literally out of nowhere. I completely lost control after the 2nd one. Both the death scenes are extremely painful to watch and after a while, even the ending theme which is a cheerful song starts feeling sad. You will know why once you watch it.

Your lie in April

One of the more famous anime on this list alongside Clannad. Now, unlike Clannad’s 2nd death, the death of the heroine in this anime is something that is hinted at from the very 1st episode, and yet when it happens, you cannot stop yourself from crying god damn it hits hard. Always. If you ever do muster up the courage and rewatch the anime or even just the last 3-4 episodes you will cry every single time. not just that, there is a concert dedicated to the protagonist’s mother, that will make you cry if you care about your mother even a little bit and I promise, this part will make you hug your mum like nothing. The biggest thing Your Lie in April has going for it is music. It literally uses music as a weapon against the watchers. The usage of music is amazing. I cannot say more. I already loved English classical music, this anime made me fall in love with music all over again. This is the 1st anime that actually made me cry. I was sad after Clannad but, the last few episodes of this anime still actually make me cry.

Ano hi mita Hana no Namae Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai (AnoHana)

This is the 2nd anime that actually made me cry. AnoHana is another anime that weaponizes music against the watchers. Unlike Your Lie in April, it is just 1 single soundtrack called “Secret Base”. The soundtrack itself isn’t sad or anything but, how it is used will make you cry every single time you listen to it after completing the anime. In just 12 episodes, the anime manages to force you to form such a close band with the characters it is just beautiful. The death of a dear friend is something I’d not like to deal with. I mean, Menma is already dead it is just her ghost that disappears at the end of the series yet it is so sad to watch and they blasted “Secret Base” in full volume in that scene. That is unfair!! Just go and watch this if you have not already. I won’t let you live in peace!

Violet Evergarden

This one did make me cry but it will make a few people cry for sure because I am a rather physical person and I have never experienced falling in love with someone so the sadness of this anime is not something I can relate with hence it did not make me cry buckets like the previous entries. In this anime, Violet was a child raised on the battlefield and was treated as a weapon her whole life yet, her major in his final moments told her that he loved her. Violet did not understand the meaning of that statement and decides to write letters for people so that she could understand their feelings better and eventually find the meaning of love. It is a rather sad anime don’t get me wrong and I love this anime a lot but, I cannot cry from this one. Now sadness aside, this anime is beautiful. KyoAni nailed the animations and soundtracks like nothing. It has a very good story too so it is worth watching.

Steins; Gate

Another very sad anime that did not make me cry. Witnessing the death of a friend, again and again, is something very sad and horrifying indeed. The reason this anime did not make me cry was the fact that the story was far more interesting. I mean once you pass episode 11, you will burn through episodes really quick that is how much the story picks up past episode 11. While what happens for a few episodes is extremely sad and twisted, the story is so good that you cannot stop watching, and it sort of cushions the impact of the sad stuff that is going on. It is a very good anime, I highly recommend it. Who knows, it may even enhance your grades in physics. I love how the author researched a lot of stuff to write the story. It is beautiful. You can see the effort of the author through the story.

Sooo, another list was completed. These were my picks for the saddest anime of all time. I cried in 2/5 of these. Tell me down in comments what other anime made you cry or what you thought of the list. Also, drop down your suggestions as to what sort of list you want. I will make a list of your suggestion if I like them. Do check out these anime if you haven’t already. This is all I have for you today. Next list, I promise I will have something to help recover from these anime. See Ya!!

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