Top 5 Bad Anime That Came from Really Good Games

Top 5 Bad Anime That Came from Really Good Games

Top 5 Bad Anime That Came from Really Good Games

Anime adapted from games and vice versa is a very common thing. Many mobile games prefer visual novel style cutscenes to save up on space and believe it or not, the mobile game market is much bigger than the pc or console game market. So seeing those visual novel cutscenes in animation is a really good feeling. We always want to see our favorite game getting the attention they deserve and be made into an anime so that more people play the game after watching the anime.

While on one side we have amazing adaptations like Fate/Stay Night (UFOTable version) and Steins; Gate there are quite a few quite good games that never got the same amount of love and got really bad animes. Join me here as I count 5 of such worst examples.

1. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a really good gacha game. It’s really detailed; it has a lot of things to look after and a lot of waifus. It even lets you marry your waifus. If you’re wondering about the gameplay, it’s a bullet hell game. Really clean gameplay although I agree, you need to play the game in short bursts instead of long sittings. Putting the gameplay aside, it has all sorts of waifus and new ones are added regularly. The story is rather decent as well. It shows the struggle between quite a few factions really well. The game lore ties into the gameplay really well.

Now onto the anime, the anime was really bad, to say the least. First off, the creators could not decide whether they wanted a serious anime or a comedy one because the tone shifts very abruptly. Now the seriousness and comedy in a single scene are done quite masterfully by some anime like Gintama but, it feels very abrupt in Azur Lane. They completely ignored a few of the major factions of the game let alone the minor ones, also they butchered the characters and literally made Enterprise and Belfast into yuri couple while they have nothing like that between them. They made Enterprise into a monotonous character that she’s not. And don’t even get me started in the animations. All in all, do not waste your time with this anime.

2. Devil May Cry

Oh god, where do I get started on this one…. First off if you have not heard of DMC, what are even doing? DMC is one of the best Hack and Slash games out there. It lets you play as a demon hunter and absolutely slaughter demons with multiple weapons and in as much style as possible. The game even rewards you for playing “Stylishly”. Its main characters are brothers Dante and Vergil both of them are pure badasses. Dante especially has a really good character. Go watch some of its gameplay, you will get an immediate itch to play it yourself. While DMC 2 and 4 were questionable, DMC 1, 3, and 5 were undoubtedly amazing games.

Enough about the games, while the anime was not based on one particular game, it was really bad. It had all the ticks of a bad anime adaptation. Destroy the character of Dante, bad animations, and a bad story. What more do you want to hear? Why did they even make this anime…. Usually, DMC would make for a really good anime because of the over-the-top action but the adaptation but the one it got was really bad.​

~ Karma manga page ?? 

By: @janzenxanime on Instagram

3. Street Fighter

Now the street fighter games are really famous and for good reason. They are one of the oldest if not the oldest fighting game series. They have produced quite a few good games over the years. Street Fighter gave us the iconic jumping uppercut “Shoryuken!” The story isn’t really a concern in the fighting games and hence street fighter games don’t have a really good story but normally they would make for good anime again because of the action sequences.

So about the anime, I think 3 parts of Street Fighter were made into an anime. I believe parts 4, 5, and 5 were adopted into animes. Again, all of the adaptations had all the ticks of bad anime. I know they are really old but, they are really bad as well. Old does not mean that the anime is good. Check out the games sometime if you haven’t. They’re really good games.

~ Naruto X Hinata ❤️?

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4. Bayonetta

Yes, a Bayonetta anime exists. Now Bayonetta is a really good hack and slash that is cool and weird in equal measures. Cool because of over-the-top out-of-world action and weird because Bayonetta (the protagonist) literally has a hair demon power that lets her control her hair as the name suggests. Bayonetta is a complete badass. She destroys demons like nothing. Her character’s really very good as well.

Again Bayonetta would really make for a good anime even for those who have not played the game. But as the list has been going till this point, the anime we got was really bad. Now, the Bayonetta anime is a movie so I agree they had less time for explanations but, they gave none at all. They did not even bother to explain why Bayonetta is fighting angels and god. The movie left everyone with quite a few unanswered questions and no explanations at all.

5. Chaos; Head

This one is really sad. As a result, this entry makes me sad rather than angry like the previous ones. Because in proper games, you still some satisfaction of watching cool and action scenes and even playing through them but in visual novels, you are stuck with the images. But, I know that has its charms but that is also the reason why we die to see visual novels animated.

This entry makes me sad because the people who never played the Chaos; Head VN will never experience its glory. Chaos; Head deals with delusions, depression, and all other sorts of brain f**kery. The story is so deep and complex that it will twist and blow your mind away at the same time. Starting from a simple murder case, it goes to all sorts of unimaginable things. The protagonist is a shut-in who literally lives in a shipping container on top of a building and you know what, you can feel his shut-in tendencies and socially awkward behavior all throughout the story.

Moving on to the anime, it’s the same as all the previous entries on the list. They skipped a lot of scenes so it feels like characters appear out of nowhere with information. Takumi’s character remains fine for the first half and then completely dies in the second half. I mean turning a visual novel that is about 30 hours long into an anime of just 12 episodes completely out of the question and is bound to be bad. Look at Fate/Stay Night its routes are approximately 20 hours each and 2 of the 3 routes have a 25 episode anime. Good luck fitting a 30 hour VN in a 12 episode anime.

Final Words

In conclusion, those were my picks were for absolutely shit anime that came from really good games. Let me know down in the comments what you think about my picks as well as leave some of your own picks here. Maybe we’ll do a commenter’s edition of this or other lists. Who knows? Well, as usual, do not forget to check out my other articles and the awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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