Top 5 Comedy Anime Series to Watch

Top 5 Comedy Anime Series to Watch

Top 5 Comedy Anime Series to watch

Our daily lives are rather stressful. Even more so because of the new regulations we need to follow. Hence, we need something to blow off our stress that piled up all day. I personally consider games, anime, and music the best to relieve myself of the daily steam. Speaking of which, here are a few comedy anime that are just perfect for this job. Watch them after a long day of work while eating or before sleeping whichever you prefer. As usual, the list is in random order and I’ll hook up the MyAnimeList links. Let’s dive right in with number 1:


This is something that was bound to be here. The 365 episodes may scare you but, I promise you it is worth the watch. It has some serious arcs in between and becomes completely serious after episode 300 with occasional comedy. Gintama is actually set in a pretty dark world where the value of human life is nothing. My favorite thing about this anime is how it actually hides the dark side of the world and the world-building behind a wall of comedy. You don’t realize it but, actually during the comedy parts you are told a lot about the condition of the world. This is what makes Gintama different.

Gintama is one of the few anime that is better than the manga. This is because Sunrise had a lot of fun animating it. They included a lot of 4th wall breaks. A lot more than the manga. I think it is the only anime that has good filler episodes because; even its filler episodes are too damn funny.

Konosuba (Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo or God’s Blessings on This Wonderful World)

It is an isekai and It plays with all the isekai concepts and clichés. It basically takes all the isekai clichés and makes a joke out of them. Its story is a cliché isekai story and it does very little world-building. Let me tell you this; do not take anything in this anime seriously. Even if things take a serious turn, in the end, they turn up funny. When I was watching this anime I used (I still do) to laugh so hard that my parents yelled at me to stay quiet. I have watched both seasons of the anime and the movie more than 5 times and it has never felt boring even once. Even the weakness of the main characters makes this anime even funnier.

Grand Blue

Grand Blue is about a few college guys in a diving club. These guys are either drunk or naked or both 90% of the time in the anime. No special setting, just normal college guys having fun. Yet, this anime is so funny that it hurt your stomach while watching this. Iori, the protagonist, comes to Izu’s town to his cousin’s place, dreaming of an ideal college life, which is completely shattered when he arrives at his college naked right on the 1st day earning him utter contempt from all his classmates. The series follows mishaps in Iori’s life along with his new club mates. There isn’t a single serious moment in the anime (except for the last episode). It’s just 12 episodes, so you definitely should watch it.

Kaguya – Sama: Love is War

Did the thought that what would happen that if both the guy and the girl were tsundere and refused to confess their feelings to each other because of their pride? Well, Kaguya – Sama is the answer to that question. Both the female and male protagonists (Shinomiya Kaguya and Shirogane Miyuki respectively) are extremely stubborn and refuse to confess to each other despite their mutual feelings. Rather than confessing themselves, they decide to make the other person confess. There are very few characters in this anime but, in turn, the anime ensures the quality of each character. 2nd season especially gives beautiful character development to the main character.

The anime follows the daily activities of the student council in which both Miyuki and Kaguya work. Again except for the last episode, there isn’t a single serious episode in the 1st season. The 2nd season is a bit different as it is meant for character development but, it is still worth the watch.

Danshi Koukosei no Nichijou (Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Again, an anime with no story and no setting. Just plain old comedy. Just a few boys living their daily lives. Again, there is not a single serious moment in this anime. It has quite a few 4th walls breaks just to add even more fun to it. It destroys the usual anime clichés like nothing. For some reason, most girls don’t have a face in this anime. The boys try to find girls for themselves only fail gloriously. The same goes for the girls. What I like about this anime is that no clear protagonist. The perspective changes depending on the incident which, goes very well with this type of anime. Again, I have watched this anime multiple times yet have not been by it even a single time. Again single season with 12 episodes so, you should watch it for sure.

These are my picks for the top 5 comedy anime. These anime are just perfect to watch after a long stressful day. Blowing off some steam is necessary as we tend to angry easily if we are stressed which, is never good. Watch these anime and keep stress out of your life. Tell me down in the comments if I missed something. And with this, I’ll take my leave. See ya!!

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