Top 5 Cute Anime Girls of 2021

Top 5 Cute Anime Girls of 2021

Explore the most popular cute anime girls from your most popular anime series. Then, challenge yourself by learning how to draw the best anime girls in 2021.

Anime series are so popular that the top ones get millions of views upon their release. So if you are a fan of anime or anime-drawing, you’ll already know of the best anime characters.

From Manga characters to Naruto, anime characters get a lot of attention for their creativity and uniqueness. Try drawing some of the popular anime characters. You’ll see the level of precision and dedication it takes to create a unique drawing.

Of all the anime characters, anime girls are pretty popular. It is because many anime series feature cute anime girls who play a central role in the series.

Whether you are a fan of anime characters or an anime artist, you should learn to draw cute anime girls.

Here are the top 5 cute anime girls:

Tohru Honda

Tohru Honda is one of the most popular cute anime girls in 2021. She is one of the main characters in the anime series Fruit Basket Another. The story is unique and involves her experience with the members of the Sohna family being cursed.

In the anime, here character develops quite a lot. She goes from being an orphan who works part-time to a mother of three children. Therefore, Tohru Honda is one of the best picks for cute anime girls.

Sayu Ogiwara

Sayu Ogiwara is another unique anime girl character who is part of a popular anime series. Her story as a runaway schoolgirl is part of a popular anime series named Hige Wo Soru. In this anime, her character plays a central role.

Her appearance also makes her one of the cutest anime girls in Manga. If you like to learn how to draw anime girls, then getting started with Sayu Ogiwara is a good idea. While she is more complicated than other simple anime girls, it is well worth the effort to draw.

Vladilena Milizé

Vladilena Milizé is yet another cute anime girl from the famous short novel, 86. However, unlike many other cute anime girls, she is portrayed in a prominent leadership position in the plot. Also known as Lena, she is a general in the army and manages the soldiers quite well.

In terms of appearance, she has silver hair, which distinguishes her from many other anime girls. The characters also change outfits quite a bit. Therefore you may find different versions of this anime character.


Vivy is an anime character from the popular Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song series released in 2021. It portrays the life of an AI character, Vivy, and how she aspires to destroy herself.

Vivi is one of the cute anime girls that represent a non-human character. Being primarily light blue, she is one of the most formidable anime characters to draw. If you are looking to test your anime drawing skills, then try drawing the Vivi character.

Hinata Tachibana

Hinata is an anime character that forms part of the main plot of the Tokyo Revengers series. She is the girlfriend of the main character and a student as well.

Hinata is one of the most popular cute anime girls because of her exceptional design and unique features. Many professional anime artists use this character as a guideline to create other anime characters. No list of cute anime girls would be complete without the character of Hinata.

The End!

Anime Girl characters are perfect inspirations for all anime lovers. Be it’s about anime comic creation, sketches, anime posters, or collectible – it’s incomplete without cute anime girls. The detailing of the anime girl characters is what matters. Moreover, what’s interesting about girl anime is that you can try out different outfits, hairstyles, and backgrounds using just one girl. Isn’t it interesting?

Share your thoughts and opinions about our top 5 picks of cute anime girls. Also, are you looking forward to drawing or re-create any of the anime girls from our list? If yes, then don’t forget to share your sketches; we would love to see them.

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