Top 5 Most Anticipated anime of summer 2021

Top 5 Most Anticipated anime of summer 2021

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A new season of anime is coming soon and summer 2021 looks loaded with good anime to watch. There are few OVAs, a few movies, and quite a few good anime to look forward to.

There is also the new Resident Evil movie (the actual cannon Japanese-made movie not the Hollywood one) that technically is an anime since it is made in Japan by Japanese people but, many people won’t accept it as one so I won’t be listing it.

Before starting let me say this: these are my personal picks. If you want to share yours, please feel free to use the comment section! Let’s get started then.

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Fate/Grand Order: Solomon (Movie)

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Starting off, we have the sequel to Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia. I wouldn’t have been excited for this movie if I hadn’t seen how well Clover Works handled Babylonia. I have no idea how they will adapt this part because, in the game, Solomon’s chapter was just a bunch of boss fights. I am really excited to see how they will turn a bunch of boss fights into an anime.

Clover Works did a fantastic job of animating Babylonia. They covered the boss fights really well in Babylonia too so what they do with Solomon will be interesting, to say the least. The animation quality of Babylonia was really good so I am expecting the same level of production here too. Well, I am pretty sure the movie will be a treat to all of us F/GO fans.

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HameFura Season 2

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I am really excited about this one. HameFura is one best isekai comedy anime out there. It’s probably my 2nd favorite isekai comedy after KonoSuba. I never thought it would ever get a 2nd season but here we are. The story will continue as Katarina desperately tries to avoid her destruction while unknowingly creating a harem.

I have no idea where the story will go but I am sure it will be funny as hell like always. That’s not all; one of my favorite voice actors Koyasu Takehito (DIO’s voice actor) is coming to play a new character. I’ll be honest; hearing Koyasu-san’s voice in any anime is a plus point for me. So yeah, I think the 2nd season will be fun.

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Mahoukakokou no Yuutosei

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So while we wait for the anime adaptation of the reminiscence arc, this. A much more light-hearted entry in an otherwise serious series. If you haven’t realized already, Yuutosei is a spin-off from Miyuki’s perspective rather than Tatsuya’s.

It is basically a RomCom version of Mahouka but from Miyuki’s perspective. It should be fun to watch the students of the First School getting a break from their usually stressful life. I will definitely give this a try because I like the series. apparently, quite a few people are actually looking forward to this as it the 4th most anticipated anime of summer 2021 on MyAnimeList.

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Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon Season 2

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Keeping the comedy theme going, we have Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon. One of the most memed and funny anime. I mean it’s Kyoto Animation we are talking about. Whenever KyoAni does comedy anime it always becomes the source of memes for quite a while.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon is just hilarious. It is easily one of the best comedy anime I’ve seen and I am pretty sure it is this anime that st brought the trend of Dragons turning into women to the mainstream. I am really excited about this one too. I know for a fact that this season will be even more hilarious than the first.

It is anyone’s guess at this point what anime is on number 1 but here we go….

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TenSura Season 2 Part 2

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~official art

After a break of only 1 season, here we are with another cour worth of awesomeness. I reallycan’t say enough good things about the upcoming arc. It is just amazing. I mean, Veldora is back and a meeting of all demon lords? Come on guys it is bound to be awesome.

This is the part where the theme of the series will shift permanently. It is going to become much darker now. It is this arc that will also mark the turning point for Rimuru’s character. Rimuru becomes a complete badass after this. Most probably we will get to see the end of Clayman in this season too. Make sure to watch this season carefully. The plot becomes more detailed and complex after this point. I am really looking forward to this. Can’t wait for it to start airing.

Those were my picks for the top 5 most anticipated anime of summer 2021. Let me know down in the comments what you thought about the list as well as let me know what anime you are looking forward to. As always, stay tuned for more articles, and do not forget to check out our awesome art section. With that being said, I will take my leave here. See ya!!


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