Top 5 Most Satisfying Deaths in Anime

Top 5 Most Satisfying Deaths in Anime

5 Most Satisfying Deaths in Anime

Now, deaths in action, seinen, or even shonen anime are a common thing. While death is not something we’d normally wish upon real people, there are more than a few characters for whom we wished from the bottom of our heart to die in the worst or most painful way possible or even sometimes, some deaths are adrenaline pumping and fill you with hype and anticipation of what’s coming next. Many times this happens because the characters that died are complete and absolute pricks and had it coming because of the acts they committed. It goes without saying; spoilers are to follow so consider yourself warned in advance and proceed at your own risk.

Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

While Lust wasn’t as big a prick as some of the other characters on this list, her death was definitely more than satisfying. As you may know, Lust is a homunculus with the ability to regenerate even the most fatal of wounds. Apparently, there was a limit to how much she could regenerate as she actually died and man, was it a sight to behold. We see Colonel Roy Mustang going full badass mode burning her with his alchemy again and again. Complimented with an amazing soundtrack and animations, this death scene is certain to get your adrenaline pumping.

Jason or Yakumo Oomori from Tokyo Ghoul

Jason was a high-ranking member of the Aoigiri Tree and the main antagonist of the 1st season of the series. He was an S-rated ghoul which, if I remember correctly, was the highest or the 2nd highest ghoul rating at that time, higher ghoul ratings are introduced as the series progresses so if I remember correctly, at that time S or SS was the highest rating. Anyway, he was a complete prick with a hobby of torturing other ghouls just for fun. Not just mentally but, physically too. He did the same to Kaneki but instead of breaking and giving up, he actually got stronger. Kaneki accepted his ghoul half and gained full control of his powers. He then beat Jason in an awesome fight and then ate him in true ghoul fashion.

Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Pitou had it coming from the moment she was born. Bossing around her own kind, probing a human’s brain while he was alive and the worst of all killing one of Gon’s teacher/friend, Kite. She killed him right in front of Gon too. You do start feeling for her near the end of the arc but, it doesn’t change the fact that she had it coming. It is also the first time we see Gon go full berserk so her death is worth it. Gon sacrifices all of his potential in exchange for a moment’s power and crushes her like the ant she is. Madhouse’s animations went god-tier in this particular scene. The scene is awesome and more than satisfying. Do check out Hunter x Hunter if you have not already.

Makoto Itou from School Days

Oh, School Days. How you betrayed my every single expectation. I would never like ever recommend this anime to anyone but, you should actually check it out once. I should not use this word but, Makoto is a complete dick. He literally had relations with every single girl in his class and then abandoned them when he got bored of them. He then finally comes back to the 2nd girl he had relations with saying that he always liked her and all the BS. In a fit of rage, the girl kills him and then chops his body in pieces.

He had it coming, he deserved it for sure after all the horrible stuff he did in the duration of the anime. This anime is truly mentally exhausting. I lost my faith in humanity for a few days after watching this anime. Do not let the first episode and the art style trick you into thinking this a normal romance anime. This is a psychological anime.

Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill

When you first see her, she appeasers as a normal lively girl. Only it is later that her twisted sense of justice and her twisted personality is revealed. Perfectly complementing her personality, she has a cute dog thing which becomes a monster that can even eat people at her command. She and her dog killed one of the most beloved characters of the show so she had it coming for sure. Not to mention, she thinks killing for the sake of justice is right which, ultimately makes her the same as the assassins she was fighting. Her death was satisfying too with the best friend of the girl Seryu killed earlier slicing her in half. Akame ga Kill was on the right track in the beginning but, the only thing good about the ending was Akame and Esdeath’s fight. Nothing else.

That’s it. These are my picks for the most satisfying anime deaths. Most of these characters were complete pricks who had it coming. We were literally waiting to see how these people were killed. We wished the most painful death on them for sure. Some of them caused the protagonist to grow stronger or berserk so their deaths felt even more satisfying. Well, that’s it for today. Let me know down in the comments which Anime Deaths were the most well deserved. Do check the awesome art section of our website for some amazing art pieces. Catch you in another article. For now, you could perhaps Check this Article about Anime Villains who didn’t deserve their end!

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