Top 5 RomCom Anime That Give a Little More than That

Top 5 RomCom Anime That Give a Little More than That

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Top 5 RomCom Anime That Give a Little More than That

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Everyone needs a little romance in their lives. Some of us are lucky to have it. Others, like me, are completely hopeless in this department (I may even die without experiencing romance). Some anime absolutely nail this genre. Some anime even throw comedy in the mix to make them even better. Then, there are a few anime that throw a little more in the mix just to make them even better. Come for the RomCom and stay for more. As always I will link the MyAnimeList page. So, let’s dive right into it with the 1st entry:

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Yahari Ore no Seishun RomCom Wa Machigatteiru (Oregairu or My Youth RomCom is as Bad as I Expected)

Oregairu is easily one of the best RomCom anime out there and no, it is not because it has the word “RomCom” in its name. But then, after the very first episode, you will realize it is way more than a normal high school romance anime. Oregairu proves one thing, again and again, what is the logically right thing to do may not actually be the right thing to do. It is a very psychological anime that tries to explore human nature. Hachiman, the protagonist is one of my favorite protagonists of all time. His thought process is very different. He is always logical and always tries to resolve things in the most logical way possible. Like him because of his logical thought process and not to mention, he has a very good sense of humor. This anime dives very deep into the psychological problems of youth. You may have seen or even experienced some of these problems for yourself. My only complaint from this anime is that it does not adopt the Light Novel completely. A lot of content is cut out from the anime

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Kokoro Connect

Kokoro Connect is similar to oregairu in terms of setting it just has a little bit of supernatural thrown into the mix. 5 students, who did not want to join any other club, form a club of their own. One day, they start experiencing a strange phenomenon where 2 club members switch bodies randomly. Their friendships are put to test when this and many strange phenomena occur in their lives. These phenomena bring out the true side and insecurities of everyone to the surface. No one has anything left to hide. Again, it is a very psychological anime diving deep into insecurities and the hidden side everyone has. We all have things we want to hide from others. Kokoro Connect shows what would happen if everyone’s hidden side exposed. It is just 17 episodes and it absolutely needs no 2nd season. The story is very good as is. No need to forcefully extend it. Some things are good only because they last for a short while. This anime is just like that.

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On request of his sister, Oreki Hotaro joins the Classics Club to save it from being shut down. There, he meets the bright and cheerful Chitanda Eru. Eru requests Hotaro to help her find out what happened to her uncle. Do not let Kyoto Animation’s beautiful work fool you in this anime. While it does have its high school romance parts, this anime does not hold back at pointing how dark the world actually is. No, it’s not their world; the dark things in Hyouka are something that may happen to anyone in the real world too. Hotaro is easily one of the smartest anime protagonists. He managed to deduce a full case just by listening to an announcement. Hyouka is perfect. While its one side is rather dark it balances it out perfectly with the romance and comedy parts. It is another one of the anime that doesn’t need a sequel because it is perfect as is.

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Seishun Buta Yaro  wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo  Minai (Rascal Does Not Dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai)

A rare disease called Puberty Syndrome is thought of only as a myth because it has very supernatural and inconsistent effects. On top of that, it only affects teenagers. Sakurajima Mai, a famous youth actress now suffers from this disease. In her case, the disease makes her invisible to most people. Asuzagawa Sakuta who has suffered from the disease himself is the only person who can see her and decides to help her. After Mai is cured, more girls suffer from this disease who Sakuta helps throughout the series. The irony is this anime huge. The disease usually grants the wishes of the victim in the most messed up way possible and then they realize it is not what they wanted. The character development in this anime is beautiful. The animations are fine. It is a short anime with 12 episodes and 1 movie. I think this deserves a season 2.

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A middle-aged salaryman who has lost his job is given a chance to get a job if he agrees to test a drug that makes people younger and redo the last year of his high school. The only condition being, he has to go to school every day. ReLife is a bitter-sweet anime. Its ending is perfect. You cannot expect a better ending than that. It is short only 17 episodes. It is a beautiful anime. Every moment of this anime is just perfect. The comedy in this anime perfectly balances out the serious parts. Little by little the protagonist, Kaizaki Arata recovers from the suicide of his senior. His senior’s suicide played a big part in him quitting his job. You see Arata’s character grow bit by bit each episode. He remembers so many things he had forgotten by returning to high school again. Let me warn you in advance, you may cry after watching the ending but it’s certainly one of those Romcom Anime which just give you a bit more.

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These are my picks for RomCom anime that give more than just RomCom. Honestly, there are so many good anime that do things like this that I want to do another list like this. All of these anime are very close to heart. None of the anime are very long. All of these are sure to please beginners and veterans alike (assuming veterans have not watched these already). Let me know down in the comments what do you think. With this, I’ll take my leave. See ya!


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