Top 5 Saddest Anime Villains Deaths Ever

Top 5 Saddest Anime Villains Deaths Ever

Top 5 Saddest Anime Villains Deaths Ever

So, I did a list of most satisfying deaths in anime and then I thought why not do something to complement that. So here I am. You see, anime are experts in making us feel sad for a character who we have grown to hate for the whole damn series at the moment of their deaths. Here are a few examples of characters who we felt sad for at the moment of their deaths even though we hated them a lot. Some of these anime villains you can’t even hate completely because of what happened during their deaths. Again, needless to say, spoilers are coming so read further at your own damn risk.

Pain and Obito/Tobi from Naruto

We have every reason to hate pain. He was the leader of a terrorist organization that has killed a lot of people just to collect all the 9 tailed beasts. Worst of all, he killed Jiraiya sensei! One of the most beloved characters in Naruto. But, we cannot hate him from the bottom of our hearts because of his backstory and what he did in the moment of his death. Obito is a very similar case as Pain. He was the one who manipulated Pain into doing all the things he did. He is Kakashi’s old friend and tried to kill just because of a misunderstanding. Again, the moment of his death robs us of the luxury of hating him. Both of them had a huge impact on Naruto himself and he learned from both of their mistakes.

Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Admit it, we all hated Envy from the bottom of our hearts. He has tricked so many people into causing massacres and riots that lead to a lot of casualties. He killed Lt. Colonel Hughes who was one of the best characters in the series. From the moment he killed Hughes, you knew he had it coming and hoped he would get killed in a satisfying way like Lust. But no. The anime denied us the luxury of hating him to the end and did not even give us the death we wanted for him. What we got was just a sad and pitiful ending for him. When you realize why he was doing everything, you cannot help but to somewhat feel for him. His death is just sad to watch.

Ulquiora Ciffer from Bleach

Now, Ulquiorra wasn’t a huge prick like the previous entries. All he did was follow his orders and he treated Orihime rather nicely if you ask me. He did hit her and all but, he could have treated her even worse but he did not. He even kept her fed just to β€œkeep her alive”. Ulquiora just obeyed what Aizen ordered him to do. While his and Ichigo’s fight was one of the best fights in the anime (best one according to me), his death was a sad one. You see Ulquiorra’s “aspect of death” was emptiness. That is exactly how he was until his death. Moments before his death he realized what it means to have a heart and then just died. The fight was satisfying af. No complaints regarding that but, his death was something else entirely. I did not expect it to be a sad one. It really came out of nowhere.

Matthew from Mahoutsukai no Yome

Matthew was a normal man. He desperately tried to find a cure for his sickly wife who did not have many years to live. He once came across a sorcerer and asked him for advice on her condition. The sorcerer asked him to make a medicine from the blood of cats as cats have 9 lives. He completes the medicine but, it ends up killing his wife instead of curing her. The sorcerer appears and says that he expected this outcome. Matthew completely losses his mind after that and murders every single cat he comes across. He is killed by the cats eventually and his spirit is purified by the protagonist, Chise Hatori as well. His death and the purification scene are just sad. A completely normal man was manipulated into being a villain for a very naΓ―ve cause.

These were some of the most emotionally taxing anime villain deaths. These Anime Villains like all Anime Villains did bad things but, had a rather sad back story or were manipulated into being villains. One thing remains the same, their death scenes were extremely emotionally taxing. This is it for today. Just remembering all these made me a little sad. See ya in another article. Till then, matta ne!!

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