Top 5 Underrated Anime from Winter 2024

Key points for The Top 5 Underrated Anime from Winter 2024:

  • Sasaki and Peeps: Highlighting this anime’s accessibility on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel, the author praises its simple, enjoyable, and wholesome nature, with a unique take on the isekai format.
  • 7th Time Loop: Emphasizing its availability on Muse Asia’s channel, the author lauds the anime for its intriguing plot, detailed world-building, engaging characters, and standout character designs in the fantasy genre.
  • Delicious in the Dungeon: Described as the weirdest entry, the author acknowledges initial reservations due to its odd premise but commends its charm, character dynamics, and the fun experience of watching and laughing at its quirks.
  • Doctor Elise: Recognized for its unique blend of genres and setup, the author appreciates the interesting plot and character charm, highlighting its focus on medicine-related themes and the potential for character dynamics to improve.
  • The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic: Acknowledged as a typical isekai, the author recommends it for its effective portrayal of the importance of healers in wars, detailing the protagonist’s physical training and the mature character work of Rose.

I know that the word “underrated” has become overused in this day and age. When it comes to anime though, the definition of underrated is pretty simple to me. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with how the anime reviews. No, to me an underrated anime refers to something that deserves to be talked about more and more audience. And in a season packed with some big names and heavy hitters, it is easy to miss some anime. Winter 2024 is a big season and these 5 anime I am about to talk about qualify well for my definition of underrated.

I already gave you my definition of underrated which I will be using as criteria for this list. I would also like to add another rule, no sequels. So no Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 or Blue Exorcist. Season 3 Just to keep things fresh. I have talked about the anime on this list individually as well so if you want my detailed thoughts on any of those, just look up the respective articles.

With all that clarified, let’s get right into it. These are my picks of the top 5 underrated anime from the winter 2024 season!

Sasaki and Peeps

So I wanted to start my list with a fairly obvious pick. Sasaki and Peeps is one of the top 5 underrated anime from winter 2024 because simply not enough people are checking it out. If you live in Asia, this anime is available for free on YouTube on Muse Asia’s channel. If you’re not an Asian, you can simply use a VPN to watch this anime for free, legally. So why aren’t more people jumping on this anime?

This series is very easy to get into. You just put your head aside and enjoy whatever it throws at you. And it is quite wholesome and enjoyable. Having a middle-aged salaryman as the protagonist helps this anime stand out as Sasaki’s middle-aged mentality is a breath of fresh air. It has a rather interesting take on the isekai format and the story is relatively engaging as well. It doesn’t make sense at times, but it doesn’t have to, it is pure and simple fun. So yeah, more people should absolutely check it out.

7th Time Loop

Another anime that you can watch for free on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel. And honestly, this has become one of my favorite animes of this season. If you keep up with my Best Episodes of the Week series, you’ll know that I talk about this anime quite often. And for a good reason too. 7th Time Loop is worth it for the plot alone. It has a very interesting and detailed take on the whole time loop genre. Thanks to that so far, we’ve had decent world-building as well.

On top of that, this anime has some very engaging characters like Rishe herself, Arnold, Tully, and more that help make that plot feel better, Another thing I’d like to appreciate about this anime is the character designs. The character and outfit designs in this anime stand out even among so many other fantasy animes. I don’t know what it is but I adore the art style of this anime. So in short, this anime has pretty much everything you could ask for on offer. If you haven’t already, just go ahead and watch it. It’s free and available on YouTube.

Delicious in the Dungeon

This is probably the weirdest entry on the list. Even I didn’t want to watch it at first because of how odd the premise sounds. Seriously, who in their right mind would want to eat monsters? But well, this is one of those cases where you just can’t stop watching despite knowing how odd the premise is. And I am pretty sure this anime manages to be so charming because of its cast and how well the character dynamics are done.

The anime also goes into detail about each monster the party encounters and the occasional fights are decent as well. Yes, it has a few issues, and yes it is weird but it is also a blast to watch and laugh at. So just like Sasaki and Peeps, put your brain aside and just be swept away in this anime’s weirdness. I know Delicious in the Dungeon won’t be for everyone but it deserves a try at the very least because, just like me, you might end up enjoying it instead!

Doctor Elise

I talked about this anime recently in detail in a dedicated article. So I will keep it short here. Once again though, this anime gives us an interesting blend of genres and the setup for the plot is unique as well as interesting. But overall, as the name suggests, it is mostly about medicine-related stuff. The plot itself is once again rather interesting as Elise tries to make the best use of her knowledge and experience from her previous two lives.

I wish that the character dynamics in this anime were a little more interesting but the characters themselves are good so it isn’t that noticeable. And that is something you can work on in future episodes as well. But yeah, this anime is great. It has a good plot with a very interesting setup and charming characters. And who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new about medicine and stuff.

The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

This is a rather typical isekai. And I am quite sure like me a few other people have PTSD from the words “healing magic” because of that one notorious anime. But trust me when I say, this anime is actually pretty cool. Sure, it is nothing new in terms of the plot like 7th Time Loop and Doctor Elise were but it does well with what it has. And do you know why this anime works?

Because this anime goes out of its way to tell you how important healers are in wars and battles. The protagonist has to go through tough physical training every single day because, in a war, he’d be running around a lot and carrying back injured people to safety. That combined with the strong and mature character work of Rose in guiding the MC makes this anime work. It makes you feel how heavy of a toll wars take on the people who experience them and what kind of mindset a healer should have during them. So yeah, check it out, it is good.

That is it for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Those were my picks for the top 5 most underrated anime from the winter 2024 season. Please remember that this is all personal opinion. And let me know your picks in the comments. I will take my leave here. See ya!!

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