Tower of God Chapter 486 Confirmed for May!

Tower of God Chapter 486 Confirmed for May!

Tower of God Chapter 486 Confirmed for May!

Tower of God is one of the very few Webtoons that gained mainstream popularity and I think the only one to receive an anime adaptation. This is for a good reason of course.

The plot and characters of Tower of God are exceptionally good. If you put aside the bad artwork, the webtoon is really very good and I strongly recommend it since, there is no guarantee that we’ll get a second season like ever. I really want a second season but, there’s no saying when it’ll come out or even if it will ever come out or not.

In all honesty, they should make a season 2 considering season 1 did well and the plot gets only better from here. But, we are not here today to talk about the anime. We are here to speak about the webtoon.

So, what is the big deal about a new chapter of the webtoon?

Well if you were reading the webtoon or were in touch with the series even a little, you’d know that the author SIU was on hiatus since October of last year because of health issues. He was suffering from a severe hernia. His original plan was to return in November 2020 but, that turned out to be impossible as his health showed no signs of improvement. He tried reducing his work load but that didn’t work out too well. That was the last we heard about his health until recently.

So the good news for us fans is, it turns out he was working slowly on the Webtoon instead of complete hiatus and has completed about 10 chapters, the first of which should be coming out in a few days. Now while he’s not completely cured yet we still have new chapters and it’s amazing how he was able to work in his condition. You know why he worked despite his condition because he thought about his studio and his assistants. Hats off man, we really should learn from this guy.

Not only was he determined to work despite his condition but also, he was concerned about the people that work under him! Sounds like something out of an anime or manga right? But it’s true. I really hope he gets better soon and gives us more of his awesome webtoon.

~ Tower of God


Well, that is all have for now. I’m really happy because SIU’s condition is improving. Did I tell you to check out Tower of God webtoon? Check out the webtoon it’s really good. The release date of chapter 486 if 17th May. Can’t help but look forward to it. Here’s to hoping that SIU gets back to full health soon. Or he really has a serious problem that will bother him for his entire life if not treated properly.

Well as always, let me know down in the comments if you’re excited for 486 or not and do not forget to visit our Instagram page and the awesome art section. With being said, I will take my leave. See ya!!

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