Tower of God Season 2, Everything We Know So Far!

Key points for Tower of God Season 2 news:

  • Tower of God Season 2 Voice Cast Update: I’m excited to hear that Taichi Ichikawa, Yuuma Uchida, and Sayumi Watanabe are joining the cast for Season 2, alongside returning members. It’s surprising that we still don’t have details about the staff, considering the release is so close.
  • Release Window and Arcs Adapted: It’s confirmed that Season 2 will air in July 2024, covering “The Return of the Prince” and “Workshop Battle” arcs. However, it’s unusual that we haven’t heard about the studio or director yet, especially with the release approaching.
  • Community Expectations and Source Material Fidelity: Personally, I’m hoping Season 2 will stick closer to the source material. Season 1 received criticism for skipping over important content, affecting its pacing. I believe a faithful adaptation could greatly improve the overall experience, and I’m eager to see how it unfolds.

You know, there was a time when I used to think that this anime wasn’t going to get a 2nd season. Even though alongside Solo Leveling, Tower of God is one of the most popular manhwa out there, Tower of God Season 1 was not as good as Solo Leveling Season 1. I mean, I liked it but it was just alright, and that’s exactly how the reception towards that season was. But here we sit, Tower of God Season 2 has not only been confirmed, but we also have a release window for it.

So welcome back to another news article. As I mentioned, we have a lot of good news stories to cover this week. Already did two of them, this is the third. Today we are talking about Tower of God Season 2. I have some thoughts on this. But I will save those for later. Here comes the news

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What do we know about Tower of God Season 2?

The official website of the Tower of God anime revealed on Friday (15th March) that Taichi Ichikawa, Yuuma Uchida, and Sayumi Watanabe will be joining the voice cast in Season 2. We already know that all of the previous voice cast will make their returns as well. Oddly enough, we have no idea about the staff members of the season yet. We are kind of close release window and we don’t even know who’s working on Season 2. No studio or director has been announced for Season 2 which is very curios.

Speaking of the release window, ToG Season 2 is confirmed for a July 2024 rerun so the Summer 2024 season. That is just about 3 months away so no staff announcement despite being so close to release is very unusual. Regardless, this season will adapt The Return of the Prince and the Workshop Battle arcs. We didn’t get a new PV for the season this once but we have we got a while ago, And you can check it out here!

What do I Think?

Just like Fairy Tail: 100 Years Arc, this anime is in an interesting situation. I am not comparing ToG Season 1 to Fairy Tail’s last arc, mind you. Fairy Tail’s last arc shouldn’t exist. No, I am comparing these two anime here because the community reception to both of these will be interesting. ToG Season 1 was not bad but I have a lot of people online who “hate” it. I just wish for Season 2 to be a better adaptation. And I don’t mean in terms of production, the production for season 1 was amazing. One of the best things about Season 1 was the art style and the OST.

No, I want season 2 to stick more closely to the source material. Season 1 skipped over a lot of stuff and that kind of messed up the pacing towards the end. That is the only thing I want from Season 2 and I am here ready to love it.

That is all for now!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And unlike Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, I actually do really look forward to Tower of God Season 2 because the narrative in Season 1 was good enough to have me hooked. With that said, I will take my leave here. See ya!

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